Thursday, March 31, 2011

The cake that I made

The past few weeks ,, my new interest is about baking, it began when I was desperately needed someone to make a Lego cake for my son's 8th birthday , the lady that made my daughters cake was fully booked and suggested that I should try and bake a cake,,  ,,, hmmmmm,, that would be a challenge knowing that I never baked a cake from scratch ,, only from cake in a carton ,,,   I wanted to make a fabulous cake that taste good too....  So 3 weeks before the birthday , I bought a Planet Cake book and as my hubby suggested I that I should practice first ,,,,   so this was my first Fondant cake 

OMG it was terrible looking ,, but it tasted really nice,, although a bit sweet for my husband's liking , it was so hard to put the fondant on and the cake wasn't smooth enough ,,,   OK   a disaster ,,,,   so hubby said we are just gonna buy a Lego cake , hubby contacted a cake shop,, yeah they can make a cake but just simple and not the cake that I wanted ,, so 1 week before the bday and no one to do the cake ,, hubby said I can do the cake and just make it simple ,, r just put some Lego blocks on top ..
I bake the cake , ganached and left for awhile to be decorated , with the book on my sight ,, and a picture of the cake that I wanted to do , I mustered enough courage to try and do it  and if I fail I 'll just buy a cake from the shops ..
Stayed al night preparing ,,  the hardest part was putting the green fondant on the cake ,,, gezzz,, it was so hard, so I moved on and did the small Lego blocks first ,,then the Lego man ,, alas I did the fondant ,,,  I was so excited ,, the cake wasn't perfect but I was surprised with the result !!!

Slept at 3 am and hubby woke me up in the morning happy and surprised to see the cake .   He said that he never expected that I can do that..
I received a lot of compliment about it and I'm happy about it ,, the cake was really nice it was a Chocolate Mud cake with dark choco ganache,,   yummy and made me feel that I needed to check out lipozene reviews  .   Anyway the party was a success and my by was so happy with his cake.