Friday, February 25, 2011

Stressed out

Ahhhh... I'm back ..... sorry for all my blogging friends and visitors ,, the process of moving is just so overwhelming .. and to my service provider who is really gave us heaps of head ache , troubles and delays may the force be you !!!!!!!! yeah!!! #@@@******
Anyway ,, now its start to get people updated ...

We moved in to our new house 2 weeks ago and with all the unpacking and the cleaning up ,, I am just extremely exhausted ,, not only physically but more mentally and with that I am looking haggard and stressed out and with wrinkles showing !!! grrr... does it mean I have to look for the best wrinkle creams in the market ??? sigh........ and the worst part is that I have tons of houswork to do .. more boxes still to be unpacked , more stuff to sort out and a big house to clean and maintain .. But with all that I just LOVE my new house!!!!!!

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