Saturday, February 26, 2011

Moved in

Our new house lovely ,bright and spacious. Every morning I would peek outside the window and see a beautiful day .... BTW, dont have curtains yet so I can just turn to my left side and look outside .
My hubby and I worked hard really hard to be able to have a house like this,, Hubby is the owner builder and it is such a hard work , pain and headache managing everything , He's done most of the stuff,, organizing,, hiring people and budgeting , but he always ask my opinion or make some choices .
These are the pictures when of the frames for the house , no asbestos here people ,, so no nasty incident ..
But yeah,, we had chosen carefully most of the materials that we used , safe and in accordance to Australian standard .

I'll will post the latest picture of the house soon...

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