Saturday, February 26, 2011

How is it to be 40 for me....

ahhhh,, 40 and feeling tired at the moment ..... I rarely post my pictures here , not comfortable enough to show all the freckles and wrinkles on my face ,, but hey Im not a model nor a fashionista ,, I am a Mum of 16 year old daughter , 7 year old boy and my lil princess who just turned 6 and a wife to a wonderful hubby who just built me a lovely home ..
I love it ,, I love here in Australia ,, migrated here for almost 10 years now and settled in really well , the weather is beautiful!! but summer time can be really hot , the sun is intense and gave me so much freckles and some wrinkles , started using anti wrinkle cream and a good sunblock , but as I said 40 ,, that's when I began to notice changes ,, I try to be positive and have a good lifestyle, but there are other factors including natural , nature or man made but all I know is that I am Happy as a wife and a mum ...... and 40 is just a number for me!

Taken on my 40th when hubby whisked me away for a weekend at the city .. Galileo restaurant at the Observatory Hotel in Sydney


  1. hello mommy! i haven't been able to drop by for some time now.. glad to be back :) hope you and your family are doing well!

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  3. You still look young Mommy Joy. Stay happy at 40 :)