Saturday, February 26, 2011

Bianca's cupcake

This was Bianca's cupcake last week for her 6th birthday party.
Ahhhh,,, the big party was already finished ,, I am glad that everything came out really well ,,I was planning her birthday for ages ,, been looking for inspirations and motivation to do something special for her ,, there are some minor details that I wasn't able to do , but over all it was really good and I received a lot of compliment about it .
i was happy that I did the dessert table for her with all the lollies/ candies that was set up ,, it was so appetizing that I might need the most effective weight loss pills . But hey ,, it just for one day and kids were happy to just scoop out their own lollies ..

I made this cupcake ,, and I finished baking until 3 am the day before the party,, not because it was time consuming but because I have tons of things to do ,, but it was worth it .... Cupcake toppers made by my sis JenL , I just printed them on a photo paper ...

More pictures to come....

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