Monday, January 10, 2011

Update on my house

This is how my kitchen looks like ,,, yupppp,,, its not yet finished because hubby was busy painting the walls ,, he will finish the kitchen later ,, oh yes,,, my hubby can install kitchens .... lucky me !!!! he is a furniture maker by trade , he also a kitchen installer so when we designed the kitchen he told me not to worry because he will make me a nice kitchen ,,, I just told him what I wanted in the kitchen,, big space ,, lots of cupboard and a big pantry ..... yup and he is making it as a reality for me!!!

So aside from that ,, the ceiling needs to be painted ,, light fixtures to be installed ,, architrave and my lovely hard floor to be sanded ,, yes,, too much stuff to do and we are planning to move in early February .. so Good luck to us!!!

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