Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Having trouble sleeping

I've been sleeping really late this past few days ,,, I love to go to sleep .. I love my bed , its comfy and usually whenever I lie down I would fall asleep straight away.. But the Lala land is not calling me yet ,, so staying up all night and surfing the net is what occupies my suppose to be sleep time,, thinking I might need some sleeping pills soon,, its not good to be staying late .. Counting sheep is boring ,, I've counted a thousand sheep even wolves ... I even try to scare myself so I can go to sleep ,,, no help ,, even counting hunky werewolves ,, nope ,, no good.....
Ok,, a green tea?? warm milk ??? OREO ??? left over dinner ,, chocolates, left over Christmas candy canes ... what more???
No energy in the morning and still a school holiday ,, Ok kiddos,, just watch TV while mum takes a nap ,, just don't open the door and don't light up a fire!!!!!!!

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