Monday, January 3, 2011

Birthday soon

Happy New Year to everyone,,,, let us embrace 2011 and hoping that this would be a great year!

Big celebrations had passed this year ,, My daughter's 16th birthday ,, my hubby's 40th and my 40th birthday ... whoaaa what a year ..
Now ,, Im am already organizing my lil girl's 6th birthday party,,, she wanted to have a Fairy party ,, so I've been searching for some inspiration , I saw a site that have nice invitations,, not only for birthdays but also for baby shower invitations , mommy cards, wedding inviattions and so much more .. Then I need to plan the food, the costume and find a Fairy to entertain the kids....
Her birthday is on February , so I really need to act fast and get things organized... Will post some pics for things that I like to do for her next time....

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