Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Birthday party for lil miss

Ahhh,, my little Miss is turning six next month ,,,, time flies so fast , I remember when I was pregnant with her I was very cautious about things that I do and things that I eat,, I kept myself healthy even taking prenatal multivitamins and doing light exercises, she was born via C section because of my past pregnancies which are all C section .
She was a lil bub , so tiny ,, always sleeping , such a good baby ,, yup,, a good sleeper we even called up my midwife to ask if is normal to be sleeping all the time,, they advised us to wake her up so she can have her milk on a scheduled time... such a good bubba ..

In two weeks time they are going to be back to school and she will be in year 1 ,,yes she survived Kindergarten and to think that she was placed in a composite class with 5 other kids from Kindy ,, so they are with the year 1 kids ,, such a smart cookie she is ... and still outsmarting everyone in the family ... also a bossy boots ,, but all in all a Lovely , caring lil missy , She deserves a beautiful party for her birthday and I am going gaga with all the organizing .

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  1. Hi Joy! it's been ages since I last visited your blog/s. Your little Miss is very pretty! advanced happy birthday to her!