Monday, January 3, 2011

Away for a weekend

Its been very hot the last few days ,,,, yesterday the temperature rose to 43C whoaaa a scorching heat,, good thing we were on a holiday for 3 days ,,,we went to Hunter Valley a wine region in Australia,, it was also hot there ... best thing is we can stay in an air conditioned room and go for a swim all day ... I was sweating really hard,,, no need to wear a make up ,, at least my face can breathe for awhile,, make up free ,, good thing because I sometimes get an acne when I wear too much make up ,, even when I am using an acne skin care ,, I still would have some spot . But anyway ,, its good to be away with the kids this year ,, my kids love to swim and the best thing is we were able to drive around and visited the wineries and tasted wine,,, it was really good and we found and bought some wines that we like... I'll post some pictures later ,, I was using my DSLR but I ran out of battery and I forgot to bring my charger ,, so capturing some moments on my Iphone , the quality is not clear ,, but I still have the good memories with me...

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