Friday, January 14, 2011


With the disaster that happened in Queensland and watching all the news ,, I cant help but feel sad for those who've lost most of their belongings, love ones and everything they have in life .
Today is sunny and really humid ,, a reminder that Mother nature is so powerful and change all the time ...
As the people try to salvage things that they can and do a big clean up ,, they need support .
There are ways of helping them and the government set up a site to to get more details on how to help or donate..

Seeing some of the pictures and hearing stories about those who survived the floods make me wonder , how can they be able to cope up ,, they would surely start again, houses to be rebuilt,, how about those who have no insurance???

As I look at these pictures seeing cars devastated , would they have high risk auto insurance ,, for sure heaps of people are going to claim for it ,, and I hope they can claim most of it ....

But then again,, I just hope that this would never happen again.....

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