Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Love to sing

2 years ago when we went overseas ,, my eldest daughter bought an RJ guitar from the Philippines ,, Ramon RJ Jacinto is a popular musician in the Philippines ,, she  is self taught guitarist ,, learning from youtube and  from guitar chords chart  , she was picked it up easily ,,  but lately havent seen her play the guitar ,, aside from playing the guitar , she is also attending a  singing lesson . She loves to sing , dance and act ,, 2 years ago she played Garbriella from High School Musical  and she did very well , she  also a singer form the jazz band of her school and she is in fact ding well ,,  so will surely continue her lessons and learning more about music.

Cant wait for the Party

I am on the process of organizing my daughter's 7th birthday on February ..  Since I am doing a party set up ,, I will surely make my lil girls a party to talk about,, Have already a theme on my mind and its been approved by my Lil Missy ,, its going to be a CowGirl party ,,I will hire a pony for the day ,, so kid can ride a pony ,, kids are surely going to have a good time ,, but I wanna makes sure that they are safe and will be wearing   riding helmets  and there is someone to hold or guide the pony around the area ..
The party will be held at my place and they have enough space for everything ,,  I started getting things online for the kids party bags ,,,  I am  so excited about this event .

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Developing a Safe Place at Work

We all know that accidents can happen anytime at any place. No matter how careful we are, at times, we can’t really control it. But what happens when accidents occur in a place where everyone is at risk all the time? Like for instance, an organization or best example would be, a construction site. We are all aware that construction sites are extremely dangerous not only for all the staff working there but also for the people passing by and the buildings and surrounding them.

When an accident occurs, it will always bring expenses to anyone, particularly to the employer or owner of the business. No matter how minor or how worst it may be, they will need to spend money for the victim to receive the treatment that he deserves. After all, employer should always ensure the safety of his people and the workplace as well, aside from the fact that they should provide proper insurance to the employees. They should be the one responsible in making sure that all facilities, machineries and other tools used within the area are secured enough and function well. If there is a need for improvement and development, proper and immediate attention should be given because even if we can’t control certain accidents, at least they try to minimize the risk of happening.

In addition, for the protection of every employee, they must have the right gadgets to use to help prevent injuries and any types of accidents. Like in a construction site, they should be provided with hardhat, gloves, harness and the like. Their job is never easy and let’s take into consideration that they are somehow risking their lives so they really deserve to be given genuine precautionary equipment for their own safety.

One more thing that needs to be taken cared of is to immediately report the workplace accident to the authority and always take note how the incident happened, under what circumstances it took place and how severe it caused the victim. If there is a medical team in a certain company, they should also be informed immediately so that the victim will be given first aid treatment. This is very important so that the organization will be given attention for them to take measures of preventing the accident from happening again. Investigation must be performed to know who is at fault and in conclusion, the employer is at fault, the victim has the right to make a claim for compensation.

And in order for a certain company to report the incident immediately to those who have the authority to handle certain kinds of workplace accident, they are advised to have a solicitor or someone who can provide the most appropriate frond end solution for submitting the FROI or the so called First Report of Injury just like ClaimCompass offers. This can be beneficial to the company for they can save money in complying with the needs of the victim and also, this will be efficient with the victim as well, as they will be given proper treatment and medication that they deserve.

Remember that it is always the safety of every people that counts. Again, we may not control the accidents from happening but at least, we can lower the risk of it by simply implying safety measures to our surroundings and workplace. Everyone should be responsible and always pay attention to whatever is in need of improvement and development. Don’t think twice! If you think there is a problem with the facilities around you, always have a work to your supervisor or owner if given a chance because this will be for the benefit of all employees and the company itself.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Smart Tips on How to Raise Young Teens

Parents often wonder if there’s really such a thing as ideal parenting. While there are a number of tips and tricks that you can read on several books and online, the real deal is that there’s no one perfect method. Several factors should be considered when it comes to parenting such as the age of the children. While it may be tiring to watch and raise young kids who run around all day, it is a tougher challenge to be a parent to teenagers or young adults.

Being in an experimental age where kids often think that they are right and tends to be rebellious, it is only necessary for parents to understand this wave of emotions and be able to keep their relationship and communication lines open. One thing that parents should also remember is to allow their kids to have freedom and let them learn about responsibilities. Forcing them to do something that they want will only lead to conflicts and problems in the family. Stop pushing them towards the direction that you want and let them walk their own journey.

Recognize and appreciate their efforts and achievements. Without proper care and attention, a teenage kid could easily feel unloved. And this lack of attention from parents is also one of the leading causes why they tend to display inappropriate behavior. Have a open communication and always keep in touch with the kids despite of your busy schedule. Remember that as parents, it is your responsibility to ensure that your children are properly guided until they are able to make their own decisions.

Ysabel is a freelance content writer and a mother of two kids. Her current article is about thyroid diet and hypothyroidism.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Career in Nursing

Even though I am not practicing my nursing profession right now, I’ll always be a nurse in my heart. I have cousins, aunts and uncle who are nurses and I have to say that I have seen how they love their career so much. My aunt and uncle who met when they are still nursing students have worked on various hospitals in the Middle East in the 80’s and are now settled in the US. They are still working in a hospital there as senior nurses and there’s no doubt that they are already fulfilled with their career choice. Aside from that, nurses are well paid and their good salaries have made them saved and acquire some properties.

Back in the Phils., my sis used to tell me that there’s a wave of students taking up nursing as they believe that, that career will make them earn more. True enough, many nurses have been successful in their jobs and that made nursing course more appealing to students take in college. You can’t blame people from dreaming to have a career that they love and that can earn more for their family.
In addition, due to the increase of health issues all over the world, nurses are always in demand and as a result, more hospitals and health care facilities are employing qualified nurses. I reckon, nurses will always be in demand and Soliant Health can also help qualified and experienced nurses to get jobs. Careers in nursing can open a lot of opportunities work and financial wise. Nursing career can allow nurses not only extend their helping and caring hands to sick patients but also change the lives of their own family. Nursing is a great career option today and in the future.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Last term of school

We just started the last term of school 3 weeks ago here in Australia and before that day I was getting the kids organized and buying school supplies and sometimes wondering why cant we have a coupon system like in the US ,,, I was looking at a website that offers an online the discount school supply coupons where you can just easily print and cut it,, heaps of discounted items too and can save you time and money .
What I did was to go to the shops , list on my hand and getting all the school supplies ,, some are regular price and some have minimal discount ,, it would be great to get a discount on everything ,, hmmm have to search if we do have a good coupon here in our place or I'm not quite aware of it ...

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Scary ...

I had a scare of my life last night ,, I almost had a car collision ,,, this @#### kids on a P plate was driving carelessly on the wrong side of the road ,, I was just lucky to have missed them by an inch!!! phewww.....!!! those youth who walk around the shopping centre ,, wearing hats ,with funny shirts and hanging around smoking and harassing other shoppers should be banned from the area.. its a disgrace,, not only they can harm others but also very irresponsibly doing silly stuff.. get my blood boiling,, that is why I make sure that I am cautious every time I drive ,, you'll never know ,, I might bumped in to the guys who are bums!!!!!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Time to Add More Shelves in the Kids Room

It’ll be a year soon since we moved to our newly constructed house and I’m loving every minute I spent in this house with my loving hubby and my kids. We are creating new beautiful memories inside the house and that is most important. Apart from that, I’m still furnishing the whole house eventhough we get to use old furniture that we brought from our old house.

The kids’ room need some more shelves most especially at my lil’ daughters room for her reading books and her stuff toys. They seem to be blowing in numbers so I need to set aside a whole day to properly arrange them on the shelves. It’s just too unsightly to see them on the floor when she’s misbehavin’ by not putting back her toys and books because they don’t all fit on the shelves anymore.

Anyway, I have to check out at the shops this weekend and will ask my dear hubby to buy one. Oh, I think I want to have something like this, I saw this at The White Company and I have to say that they have nice Children's Shelving options for any kids’ room. Perfect, it’s school holidays this week and that means no more sending and fetching them on school in the meantime so I can have more time at home organizing their closets and other stuff.


Sunday, September 18, 2011

What to do on school Holiday

School holidays again next week for our kids ,,,   2 weeks with the kids means I'll be busy doing things with the kids to keep them occupied ,, there are lots of things to do at home,,  I still have to finish painting our railing ,, its been 8 months and its not yet finished ,, the sun is getting hot and making the railing rough and sun damage ,, so I have to get some abrasives to start polishing it a little bit so I can paint it weatherproof ,  but I don't think I will have time to do it next week ,, would rather spend time with my little kiddos ,,  going to the park, picnic non a nice warm Springtime and do arts and crafts ...

Monday, August 22, 2011

Comfy afternoon

Our family love to watch movies at home ,, having Foxtel is good because we can easily access new released movies and we just order it and watch it, especially during weekends,, Winter time here and its nice to be rugged up in the lounge , eating popcorn on a Saturday afternoon watching movies ,, but there is something missing in our afternoon movies,, that is a surround sound system ,, ahhh hubby wold live to install a surround system , a stereo speakers perhaps, that would be great ,,it would be like watching in a cinema ... We already have the most comfortable lounge that we splurged ,, a duck feathered lounge and when I say comfortable ,, it is really a comfy one ,, there are numerous time that I end up having a nap on that lounge ,, goodness me ,, no snoring here...

Monday, August 8, 2011


I love organizing parties and this is what I'm aiming for my next business,, seeing all the wonderful lolly / dessert tables ,, a new way to celebrate a party ,, and it is also important to coordinate everything ,, starting from the invitation ,, sometimes I would find a gorgeous invitation and from that I would base the party from that inspiration,, there are heaps of beautiful birthday party invitations from and it would be Fun to plan a party,,, whether its Monkey ,, fairy or a pirate ,, these are the most popular themes.
I've been waiting for someone to have a birthday so I can help them organize it ,, since I am just starting with the business ,, I try to give my services for free to friends and family so I can advertise and get some free promotion ,, soon I will do the school fete and some children's fair ,,, hope that everything will run smoothly and my business will push through...

Thursday, August 4, 2011

No regrets..

People are asking me if I wanted to go back to Nursing ,, actually I want to make it clear that I was a registered Nurse in my homeland , but when I migrated here ,, I was about to go on a training to be registered as a nurse here ,, everything went smoothly ,, passed my English test and I found out that I was pregnant ,, hubby was so protective of me ,, since this is his 1st child,, he told me to do the training next time ... yeah the second time when my boy turned 2 I applied to go to training again ,, done the test again ,,, all set but then another hiccups ,, I was pregnant again .... yeah ,,, it was not meant to be ,, I would love yo experience a nursing work here love to work top hospitals with all the high tech gadgets ,, healthcare carts ,, monitors , high tech medical equipments , but I guess its too late to that ,, I am happy being home with the kids ,, my priority is my family ,, and my husband is supporting me with my decisions,, although I am staring a small business ,, Its good because its a home based business and that is what I wanted ,, no regrets at all........

Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Joys of Being a Mom

Married life is bliss but starting a family and having kids are additional blessings that every woman should be thankful for. There’s no point in wondering why Mother’s Day is widely celebrated across the globe. It may not be an official holiday but almost everyone tries to find a way to make this day special for mothers. Maybe being a mom is one of life’s greatest mysteries, an experience where one could learn a lot of things.

Now motherhood does not come easy. There are challenges and problems along the way and the ability to handle and solve these obstacles are the things that could make a mom, extraordinary. One tough situation is how to balance time between work and family. There are still a great number of mothers who struggle between their family and work duties. The key here is proper time management. Always set aside some quality time with your kids and make sure to show your love and support even through small things.

But stay-at-home moms are as busy as those with professional careers. From the start of day until bedtime, there’s always a task to do and errands to attend to for the day. This is probably why motherhood is often referred to as a 24/7 job. But ask any mothers out there and you’ll hear no complaints. Life might be busy and hard but the look on the child’s face and the innocent smile could lighten any burden. That right there is the joy of being a mom.

Amelia is a freelance content writer is also fond of traveling and outdoor adventures.

She enjoys working on a gulvafslibning project and sees this as an opportunity to share information about floor sanding.


Friday, July 22, 2011

Football Theme

Been busy sourcing and finding some inspiration on the theme football ,, surfing the net and looking for accessories to go with the table that I am going to set up and then photo shoot ,, I am starting to organise the small business that I mentioned a few months ago ,, setting up a party table for birthdays and other occasions ,, I wanted to get all the ideas so I can make a good set up ,, the theme is Football so I need cakes, props , football gifts ,coordinated cookies and cupcakes, lollies and everything about the theme ,, loving all the different colours and I'm getting excited about this theme and will surely post some pictures when I'm done...

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Growing up

My lil miss is getting herself into using computer games ,, she is only 6 years old and the other day her older cousins were here and taught her how to play games online ,,I should have known better and stop them right from the start ,,now that she knows how to do it ,, she often ask me to go and check her virtual pets ,,, that is the start of asking for things,, next thing she will ask for a mobile phone, tablet netbooks , sleep overs , call her friends on the phone ,,, arrgggg,,, I dont want that ... I have a 17 year old daughter and one headache is enough for me ,, buy me this ,, buy me that ,, can I do this ,, can I go there .... Ok ,, the joys of motherhood,, Must be the fear of having girls ....

Friday, July 15, 2011

Too much to worry about

I'm happy to say that my husband is a quitter!!! in a good way .. he stopped smoking ,,, ahhh that was a relief , he had been feeling a bit down during the last few months ,, so a doctors check up confirmed that he have a high cholesterol ,, so high that he has to take medications to avoid unnecessary complications ,, he was also prescribed tablets to quit smoking ,, he wanted to quit before but its just hard for him without any assistance ,, so 2 weeks now without cigarette ,, wohoo!!! he is also eating sensibly ,,more vegetables, fruits, fish and lean meat ,, less saturated fat and more fiber food ..
He feels good and feel more active and he is now looking after himself, I don't want him to be all stressed up with his work ,, he worries about things too much , bills,job quotation, enquiries, order, finding a good life insurance quotes , rent payment ,, new machinery and alot more ,, too much things to worry about and I want him to calm down little bit and relax,, ahhhh serenity now..........

Monday, July 11, 2011

Zugo: You put life into order

Amazingly! More and more people are benefitting in terms of quicker and easier web search specifically when innovative ideas like new start page and tool bars became popular. When Zugo products surfaced, there were varied reactions especially to some who had misconceptions about its use thus making them worry no end citing privacy issues. They also had varied unsupported ideas like they thought it is a spyware, malware or virus that can threaten their computer use. Those who are not yet ready for modern change like installation of downloadable softwares are the one who initially questioned the idea, not knowing that there is guaranteed satisfaction and benefits they can derived from it and uninstalling Zugo product is easy if they think it does not meet their standards but it rarely happens.

How can someone not enjoy a cleverly designed start up page and tool bars that stand out giving their sites wide exposure and increased clientele? Undoubtedly, Zugo products are tailored to any search solutions and it caters to all techie and non techies alike allowing them to enjoy their internet activities easily. It certainly delivers what it promised of easy use and will not compromise computer performance.

What is this that I’ve heard that their search engine partners are the likes of Yahoo, Ask or Bing?
I can’t wait to have Zugo into my life too, surely, I will be one satisfied user!.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Cranky hubby

I was chatting with my friend the other day and she was telling me how disappointed on how the public hospital is making them wait for her husband's knee reconstructive operation,, they been waiting or months now to be scheduled for the operation . He's been off from work and its frustrating for them ,,money wise and husband is getting soooo bored at home, making him cranky , I can understand why .. her husband needs a knee reconstructive surgery ,, he hurt his knee at work and he did the disability appeal so that he can have his surgery .. So now my friend has to go and find a work ,, she said that she needs to be out of the house or she will get insane ,, with cranky hubby on her side .. Hopefully she can find a job soon,, since hubby is at home he can can drop and pick the kids up from school .... I know how hard it is for her and sometimes I tell her to drop to my place so we can have a cuppa and a chat .. That's what friends are for....

Veggie garden

Last week my hubby finished installing our veggie patch, he made 6 vegetable beds and I'm very happy about it .. It was good to have something for the kids to enjoy , herbs are expensive to buy a the grocery and sometimes I only need small amount ,, so its good that I can just snip it off from my garden , aside from the veggie patch we still have heaps of things to do at home , Im not worried about it because I know that hubby will find time to do things at home,, the most important thing is that we are now living into our new house and not paying rent anymore , its hard to find homes for rent   and it was expensive ,, especially paying every week .   I love our house , love the view and kids are happy here ...

Monday, May 30, 2011

Almost .......

It's been a different weather today in Sydney ,, a heavy rain ,, flash flood and cold gusty  wind on a winters day and they said that it will be the same till Wednesday ,, it was really dangerous to drive especially at night time ,, I would always travel at night ,, picking up my eldest daughter from work or from dancing and with the the weather and the way some people drive I have to be cautious ,, although I don't have an insurance ,, The other night I was almost had an accident after an L plater suddenly stopped on the road instead of merging into one lane ,, I was following him and I was quick enough to put on my brakes ,, it was so close and I was so shocked ,,  11 pm and with an L plater on the road it is way too dangerous!!!  But good thing I am ok  thats why Im very cautious and always on a look out for possible danger ..

Saturday, May 28, 2011

He wants a new shoes

I was speaking to my nephew who lives overseas and was telling me about his studies and what he is doing at school ,, last year I went back to my homeland and was able to spend time with my nieces and nephews ,, I also bought my nephew a pair of shoes ,, so when I got back here I still get in touch with them and sometimes he would jokingly tell me that he wanted a new pair of shoes Reebok Zig to be exact ..I looked online and it is a cool shoes that teenagers would like to have I also told him that I'll give it to hm when I go back there on a holiday ,, and he would be cranky knowing that it would take another 2 years for me to go back ... hahaha to bad he has to wait ...

Friday, May 27, 2011

I want my sister here

I am planning to get my sister over here in Australia for a holiday , she's been here for 4 times already, since we moved in to our new house I wanted here to come over and see the new place and be able to help us do some stuff,, she would be such good help for sure ,,hmmm and maybe while she's here she can go out for a date ,, she is still single and very much available I even told her to go on a free online dating . I also asked my hubby if he knows someone who is single and wanted to go on a date ,, but knowing my sister she might not be up to it ...
But most of all we wanted her to be here to enjoy and see our new place ,, she likes coming over ,, being with my kids , help around the house and go sight seeing .... I hope that her visa can be easily approved ,, I heard that the Immigration is getting stricter ...

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Its good were OK

On my way home from picking my daughter from dancing ,, I almost encountered an accident ,, there were car in front of me and they I think it was doing around 100 km /h and then the car on the opposite road just crossed on our path ,, he was so I slowed down in disbelief because he can cause an accident by crossing my lane ,, &85442###@@@ as I was mumbling ,, but then when I slowed down I noticed that he was helping a guy I think he was riding a motorcycle ,, he was down on the road ,,, whooaaa good thing the car helped him or I might have run over him,, considering that that is a 100 k zone and the road is dark,,, he must have been run over by the car infront of me who by the way just run off ,, I was about to stop but I slowed down,, but I just told my daughter we have to move on because it is dangerous to stop ,, I just hope that the guy is Ok ,, imagine that ,, the car that hit him just run away .

That is why , I am always cautious on the road,, I always drive at night because I have to pick up my eldest daughter from dancing or from work ,, usually finishes at 10 pm ,, and that road is notoriously dangerous,, the cars just go fast and the road is dark ,, so Thank goodness we are all good .......

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Setting up

As I was thinking of having my own business ,, I am wondering if I should get a course on online business degree so I can have an idea on how to run it ,,, although my hubby is around to help me when I need some advice and help in general ..
I am also considering of joining a mummy forum on stay at home mums and for sure I will get heaps of advices and inspirations so maybe I dont need an online business degree online bus.As for now I am in process of getting organized and filling all the necessary papers and stuff ..
I am also coordinating with my partner ,,i was eventually going to do it by myself but I will surely need a help and an extra fund would be nice ,, so I invited my friend if she wants to get on board with me , she was happy to work with me ,, so hopefully everything will run smoothly ... cross fingers.....

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Eye feast

I found these beautiful inspiration and lots of sweet from Hip Hip Hooray blog I am loving all the colours and ideas about having a lollipop party ,, I do like to create a party with this theme
Every week I try to bake or cook different kind of dessert and cakes ,, so that I would know which one is nice ,, so I would end up eating most of it,,, that is quality control ,,, and I would end up gaining weight I tell you ... have to check out the oxyelite pro reviews if it will help me shred a few pounds.....

Need a good rest

I spent most of my time browsing through all different blogs and sites about party sites, as I explained before that I am thinking of putting up a business ,, so most of my time is consumed finding inspirations and ideas,,  sometimes I go to a site and there would be heaps of links that I go to ...  So with that , I  would lost track of the time and be occupied all night , I would be surfing the net until 2 am every night ,, that's why I noticed my eyebags .  I wanted to learn more about dark circles under eyes and how to get rid f it . I also needed a good night rest ...  so by weekend I am going to avoid  going online and try to relax for awhile.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Thinking of starting a business

I am busy at the moment ,, thinking of putting up a small business,, with the ever growing trend of themed parties for kids that 's been sweeping up like a storm ,,I am considering on jumping on board ,, the craze is not yet available in our place ,, so it would be good if I would start the business .. The business is setting up a themed birthday party,, I know that entails a lot of details and it would be expensive setting up .. I already started buying things like ,, vases, lolly jars, decorations and I still need heaps of stuff to be able to achieve my goal of setting up a themed party ,, I might need a payday advance for that ,, not only that I need a lot of time , researching and finding resources and vendors to be able to fulfill my future endeavor ..
I am loving all the work and the featured work of Amy Atlas ,, it is so inspiring and with all the beautiful design that were featured on her site ,, I am full of happy thoughts seeing the creations.... Just loving everything and I am feeling positive.
My favourite Sydney based sweet stylist is Leanne of she is amazing ,, simple design , pleasing to the eyes and just oozing with prettines...
This is Leanne's work it was her daughters 5th birthday party lolly table .... ahhhh stunning


Mothers day had passed and most of the Mothers out there were pampered ... (I hope so!) I love celebrating Mother's day ,, it only comes once a year ,, so we Mothers need a break,, its good to say to other that Its our day and we don't have to do a thing.. Its always Kids day everyday ,, so this day is our day and we need to celebrate it ...
Woke up with my kids greeting me a Mothers day ,, ahhh that was heaven ..... Opened their gifts and even though I did not get the but I was still happy because my kids gave me stuff for baking ,, which is my obsession at the moment ,, so I was happy with the gifts,, the painting and the drawings that kids made from school was well appreciated ,, hubby gave me 2 Bibles,, actually baking Bibles to be exact ,, now I have to read it and learn by heart .... Went out to see my hubby's grandmother and then we went out for a nice lunch ,, I also called up my Mum from overseas and extended my greeting to all my aunties and SIL .. so where you pampered too????

Tshirts for birthday

I just wanted to share the t shirt that I printed for B1's Lego birthday party ,, I was thinking of buying personalized tee shirts for kids but since I wanted to the other kids to have shirts too ,, I opted for a cheaper option,,, Target was having a clearance sale of tshirts for $2 each ,, that was a bargain ,, the tshirts were thick and a good quality ,, then I searched for a tutorial to do a screen printing ... there are heaps of tutorials but I ended up doing Bubzbeauty tutorial on YouTube it was easy and cost effective ...

The kids all love em ,, and they all looked good wearing them ,, and I also have my own Lego Tshirt ...

as you can see the Lego mum holding on to a mop, wooden spoon, bucket , hand bag I was trying to do an Ipod ,, but it didn't look like an Ipod,, anyway,, it was such a FUN birthday party...

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Capture the moment

2 birthday parties we celebrated the past few months and I have tons of pictures to share,, my little girl had a fairy party and my boy had Lego party ,, I organized their birthdays and was able to do the lolly table which is such a big hit ,, but the thing that I missed was to capture the events on video,, I forgot to get the my camcorder ,, too bad I might look into getting a new one ,, there are really nice camcorders camcorders in the market at the moment which are on sale.... the parties were amazing ,, I have to remind myself that I need to get it and charge it ..
I think the last time I used my camcorder was 2 years ago ,, shame shame shame ... I ve missed most of he growing up years of my kids .....
Photo of the table that I set up for my boy ...

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Talk of the town..

Ok Ok ,, the most awaited WEDDING of the Century had passed ,, we've seen the Gown , the handsome Prince , the royal family the guests and all the fun fare that happened during the day ,, most of the TV stations broadcasted the event ,, so those who dont have the luxury of having a FOXTEL ended up watching the wedding ..
But the star of the day was Kate's sister ,, yes the now ever famous Pippa Middleton ... With a fabulous look she just outshone her sister,, Kate is an elegant bride ,, and I like her gown but Pippa is also getting the attention ,, with her simple long dress ,, good thing she didn't pick those short bridesmaid dresses or she would end up in the worst dress,, but she did the right thing ..
ahhhh,, gorgeous ...

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Back to school again...

Ahhh 2 weeks school holiday here in Oz is almost finished ,, back to school on Thursday ,, what a good Easter break for my hubby too ,, so the kids are all eager to go back to school and learn again ,, it will be the second term of the school year and kids missed the school routine,, hoping the teachers are feeling the same way too...hoping the all the school equipment are all set up and ready to be used again ...
I love having the kids at home,, we just chill out ,, go out and play and I just let them watch or play ,, so it was such a hassle free holiday ,, although we had a visitor for 10 days ,, my hubby's brother and his 2 boys and I must say it was overwhelming for me... I can control my two kids but with extra 2 hyped up boys it was a bit too much for me ,, but nevertheless I was happy to see my kids having fun , not only having fun with me but having fun running around with other kids ..

Cleaning afterwards is the downtime for me... My son who received heaps of Lego on his birthday , who patiently constructed all the Lego sets is upset to see most of the Lego scattered and undone ,, yes the cousins did it ... Now I have the task of helping my boy to put them back together, and with all of them combined,, it is such a nightmare ,, might take us few days to do it .......... grrrrrr....

Saturday, April 16, 2011


Ahhh .. Autumn chill!!!!! we are feeling cold ,, brrrr the wind is chilly and the weather is so gloomy at the moment , we moved in to the new house , but the place has no fireplace yet,, we originally planned for the fireplace , but due to lack of funds we decided to have it done next time,, although the house is fully insulated ,, we can still feel the chill... here I am wearing3 layers of clothes ,,, all ragged up and just wanting to cuddle up in bed..... my boy who has an allergy is feeling itchy with the jacket that he is wearing ,, he is also getting stuffy ,,nose blocked and as an asthma sufferer , I dont want him to end up having difficulty breathing ,, he might need those air purifiers ,, been looking at that or awhile now. Hmm,, coffee.... I need coffee.........

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Learning how to drive

My 16 year old daughter is an L plater and she is so eager to learn how to drive ,, my hubby took her for a driving lesson and he came back home frustrated ,, (hey the guy have no patience...) anyways , it was a nightmare for my hubby he just told our daughter that she need to book a driving lessons first then he can take her when she is already confident,, I cannot take her because I am still on my P plate so, its hubby's job to take her for a lesson ..
They are using y car ,, so I have to make sure that my car is in good condition,, actually it needs to be serviced and changed oil, then I have o renew our roadside assistance which is due for renewal next week . Then the tyres needed to be pumped up ,, with everyday use and tear it is now due for a change .
My daughter is also seriously saving money so that she can buy a car ,, but we told her not to rush things because it is still a long way before she can drive and she needs to have around 150 hours of driving experience ..... Good luck to her then.....

Thursday, April 7, 2011

We're going to the show ....

Oh,, its gonna be the last school day of term one here in Oz ,, so last day tomorrow and aside from a much anticipated break is the much awaited Camden show ..

My daughter who is in year 1 will go to the Camden show as a part of their curriculum in school ,, she is so excited ,, but they will only see the pavilion of produce, cattle, livestock and animal show ,, so on Saturday we will take the kids to the show so that they can watch the shows like the Horse ring events, wood chop and chainsaw events, show jumping , horse ring events,, it would be fun,, its is Country show and farmers are gonna be there ,, love seeing the good old Aussie guys wearing their Mens Hats , riding horses in the Rodeo arena competing ... that is what I like about Camden show the good old Country show..... and we will be there ......

Thursday, March 31, 2011

The cake that I made

The past few weeks ,, my new interest is about baking, it began when I was desperately needed someone to make a Lego cake for my son's 8th birthday , the lady that made my daughters cake was fully booked and suggested that I should try and bake a cake,,  ,,, hmmmmm,, that would be a challenge knowing that I never baked a cake from scratch ,, only from cake in a carton ,,,   I wanted to make a fabulous cake that taste good too....  So 3 weeks before the birthday , I bought a Planet Cake book and as my hubby suggested I that I should practice first ,,,,   so this was my first Fondant cake 

OMG it was terrible looking ,, but it tasted really nice,, although a bit sweet for my husband's liking , it was so hard to put the fondant on and the cake wasn't smooth enough ,,,   OK   a disaster ,,,,   so hubby said we are just gonna buy a Lego cake , hubby contacted a cake shop,, yeah they can make a cake but just simple and not the cake that I wanted ,, so 1 week before the bday and no one to do the cake ,, hubby said I can do the cake and just make it simple ,, r just put some Lego blocks on top ..
I bake the cake , ganached and left for awhile to be decorated , with the book on my sight ,, and a picture of the cake that I wanted to do , I mustered enough courage to try and do it  and if I fail I 'll just buy a cake from the shops ..
Stayed al night preparing ,,  the hardest part was putting the green fondant on the cake ,,, gezzz,, it was so hard, so I moved on and did the small Lego blocks first ,,then the Lego man ,, alas I did the fondant ,,,  I was so excited ,, the cake wasn't perfect but I was surprised with the result !!!

Slept at 3 am and hubby woke me up in the morning happy and surprised to see the cake .   He said that he never expected that I can do that..
I received a lot of compliment about it and I'm happy about it ,, the cake was really nice it was a Chocolate Mud cake with dark choco ganache,,   yummy and made me feel that I needed to check out lipozene reviews  .   Anyway the party was a success and my by was so happy with his cake.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Worried teenager

My 16 year old daughter was complaining about the outbreak of her acne,,,, she used to take a medication prescribed by the dermatologist ,, but she already finished the 3 courses of her treatment ,, now that she stop using the acne meds ,, it is starting to show up again ,,, she is frustrated and wanted to go on the treatment course again ,,, but I have to check on her dermatologist ,,, she might want to just use a cream or astringent first, I was reading about pronexin reviews and might check it out if its safe and effective for her...
I am going to post her picture but for sure she would be cranky seeing her pic with all her hated pimples on her face ,,, so lets just leave it that way ....

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Pretty stuff

I've been so slow on posting the birthday parties that I did for my kids ,, Lil Missy had her 6th birthday last February 21 and Lil Master B had his birthday on March 19 ,, hahhhh ,, all done and all those sleepless nights looking for inspiration for a themed party ,,yes,, and I love em,,,

Ok Lil Missy had a Fairy Party ,, I love this theme ,, so many inspirations ,, colourful and really girly ...
One thing that I loved was the cupcake toppers and labels that my sister made for my lil girl ,, and its all free..... it was a good birthday pressie ,, since she is from overseas ,, making an invitation and the tags are good enough ... they came out really nice and I just printed them myself ,, I just need to upgrade my printer and look for a good quality inkjet printers
I'll be posting my boys birthday next time ,, so watch out for it ...

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Sick again

Hmmm,, what a big change of weather today ,,, the Autumn chill is definitely here in Oz .. Windy and chilly today and whenever there is a drastic change of weather,, my boys asthma would flare up,, he was aving a simple cold the other day and now he is all clogged up and feeling chesty ,,, went out today to watch Gnome and Juliet which is by the way such a FUN movie ,, kids enjoyed it ,, the music ,,the story and the characters , so right after the movie ,, we went staright home ,, gave him a paracetamol and his puffer ,, I might look at those dehumidifiers online and check if I can afford it .. that would be good for him ,,,, now he's in bed and resting ,, I just hope that he will get over that nasty cold soon....

Friday, March 11, 2011

Shine my floor........

We are slowly doing things at home everyday we have to check our TO DO LIST ,, last weekend my Hubby finished tiling the laundry room,, yes !!!! he is not a tiler but with a lot of patience he was able to finish it ,, we saved heaps by doing it ourselves . My hubby is very clever , since he is the owner builder, most of the things at home were built by him ,, the timber cladding , my cabinetry, my veranda , my kitchen , my wardrobe , insulation and heaps more,, it is pure labour of LOVE....
The house is looking good ,, I love how my timber floor blends in the house ,, we opted for a hard timber floor instead of a laminate floor ,, big price difference and we can see how nice it is ..
I just have to keep it clean and wash the floor every other day ..

This was the first morning when we moved .. love that shiny floor!!!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

This is going to be my new hobby

This is what I bough the other day , a Planet Cake beginners guide to decorating incredible cakes ... I was reading the book and I am loving all the creations ,, ahhh I wish I can do nice cake like that ,,, the book is well detailed and with a step by step instructions I bet I can follow it and be able to create wonderful cakes and cupcake , I promised my self that I will try everything in this book ,, I know , it will be additional expenses for me ,, my credit card is going to explode ,, BTW speaking of credit card I was looking on rfid blocking products that prevent electronic fraud ,never heard about it yet ,, but I hope that everything will be ok ,,,
Paris Cutler also released the second book Planet cake cupcakes which I am also interested , anyway ,, I've tried the mud cake recipe today and will be ready to be decorated tomorrow and then I'll find out if I am really creative .....

I have to bake

I am getting obsessed with Lego at the moment ,, searching about Lego party ,, my lil daughter celebrated her 6th birthday 3 weeks ago and now its my boys' 8th birthday on March 19 and he asked for a Lego party ,, so here I am blog hopping and net surfing about Lego ,, I've seen heaps of beautiful cakes , I wanted to order a cake from the lady who made Bianca's cake, but unfortunately she is busy and cannot accommodate my request,, with such a short notice I cannot find anyone who can do the cake that I wanted ,, so I am considering of doing the cake, yes,, I know ,, I am not a baker ,, I have a new nice oven ,,, hehehe ,, so armed with courage and dedication I psyched myself that I can do it!!!! I went to buy a Planet cake recipe book and hoping that in such a short period of time I can whipped a professionally looking cake !!!! Yeah Dream on!!!!!
My husband is obviously doubting my talent ,,so I must try to prove him wrong ,, anyway ,, if it's a disaster I'll just dash off to my local patisserie and buy a cake ;)
I baked a chocolate mud cake today so that I can practice and tomorrow I will start on decorating it ,, I tasted the cake and hmmm tastes yummmm ,, never know I might end up baking beautiful cakes and make it a business instead of going into merchandising jobs ... OK dream on again !!!!

I'll post pics and keep everyone updated if it turns into a disaster or a triumph ...!!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Dessert table

This was the dessert table that I set up for my lil girl's 6th birthday party .. The dessert table is starting to be popular here in Australia , unlike in the US where it is a big hit to have a party like this,, here it is slowly making its way to kid's parties .. I've been organizing the party for a long time ,, filing heaps of photos and getting ideas by blog hopping and Internet surfing ... I love Amy Atlas site and through that site it linked to other party sites ..
The table was such a big surprise fr all the guests and they enjoyed it ,, I prepared a bag for them so they can choose whatever they want to take home,,, nice..... and yumm too...

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Food Trip #1

Food Trip #1
Every now and then we would go out for dinner , I usually cook at home but we like to dine out .. last month we went to Hunter Valley for a weekend and we went to the Pub at Harrigans I ordered a Chicken Parmigiana and whooa look at the melted cheese ,, ahhh divine ... they all went in my tummy.. and probably ended up on my hips , yes I need to check on some diet pill review and find a best one ..

The kids ate their ususal favourite chips and nuggets and hubby settled for the Fish of the day ...

Saturday, February 26, 2011

No Mum ,, not that ....

These are my kids ... The gorgeous tall young missy is Micah my 16 year old daughter. This was taken last November when she attended her Year 7 Formal party ,, ahhh the head ache of choosing a dress, shoes, hair style , bag , accessories , teeth whitening , natural acne products , make up and so on and so on ,, It was really hard for her . I have to drive her everywhere ,, and when I choose stuff for her the comment would be the usual "YucK Mum !!! " I cant wear that !! No Mum,, Not that!!! gezzz ok do it yourself Princess....!! and she did and she's done really well ..
She looks stunning ......

Heart shaped hair

Just sharing this picture ,, I've heaps of pictures of hairstyle that I did for my lil girl,, this one is my fave ,, a heart shaped , but funny enough I did not do this style last valentines day ,, because I've completely forgotten to style her hair that day ... We just moved in to the new house at that time and not enough time to style it .. I miss doing her hair , we used to rent a house next to the school and during that time I had plenty of time to do her Bento lunch and do her hair nice ,,but now that we travel 15 minutes just to go to school ,, morning is a chaotic scene in my house ,, but I will surely settle in and start doing beautiful stuff again ...

Moved in

Our new house lovely ,bright and spacious. Every morning I would peek outside the window and see a beautiful day .... BTW, dont have curtains yet so I can just turn to my left side and look outside .
My hubby and I worked hard really hard to be able to have a house like this,, Hubby is the owner builder and it is such a hard work , pain and headache managing everything , He's done most of the stuff,, organizing,, hiring people and budgeting , but he always ask my opinion or make some choices .
These are the pictures when of the frames for the house , no asbestos here people ,, so no nasty incident ..
But yeah,, we had chosen carefully most of the materials that we used , safe and in accordance to Australian standard .

I'll will post the latest picture of the house soon...

How is it to be 40 for me....

ahhhh,, 40 and feeling tired at the moment ..... I rarely post my pictures here , not comfortable enough to show all the freckles and wrinkles on my face ,, but hey Im not a model nor a fashionista ,, I am a Mum of 16 year old daughter , 7 year old boy and my lil princess who just turned 6 and a wife to a wonderful hubby who just built me a lovely home ..
I love it ,, I love here in Australia ,, migrated here for almost 10 years now and settled in really well , the weather is beautiful!! but summer time can be really hot , the sun is intense and gave me so much freckles and some wrinkles , started using anti wrinkle cream and a good sunblock , but as I said 40 ,, that's when I began to notice changes ,, I try to be positive and have a good lifestyle, but there are other factors including natural , nature or man made but all I know is that I am Happy as a wife and a mum ...... and 40 is just a number for me!

Taken on my 40th when hubby whisked me away for a weekend at the city .. Galileo restaurant at the Observatory Hotel in Sydney

Bianca's cupcake

This was Bianca's cupcake last week for her 6th birthday party.
Ahhhh,,, the big party was already finished ,, I am glad that everything came out really well ,,I was planning her birthday for ages ,, been looking for inspirations and motivation to do something special for her ,, there are some minor details that I wasn't able to do , but over all it was really good and I received a lot of compliment about it .
i was happy that I did the dessert table for her with all the lollies/ candies that was set up ,, it was so appetizing that I might need the most effective weight loss pills . But hey ,, it just for one day and kids were happy to just scoop out their own lollies ..

I made this cupcake ,, and I finished baking until 3 am the day before the party,, not because it was time consuming but because I have tons of things to do ,, but it was worth it .... Cupcake toppers made by my sis JenL , I just printed them on a photo paper ...

More pictures to come....

The big move ....

So much had happened the last few months ,, the Big move was done 3 weeks ago ,,it was exhilarating but rewarding .. I was all hyped up ... 1 week after the move we had a birthday party for my lil girl ,, she turned 6 and I might say having the party made me worked so hard , I was motivated to unpack things and put them to places ,, I felt that I was a Tasmanian devil ,, with all my might and energy I was able to do it and during the party as people looked around the house they were quite impressed that I was able to set up the house so quick ,, yeah ... I don't need fat burners because I sweat it all out ,, day and night as I go through every room and packed away ,, it was a good exercise for me,, and here I am all exhausted and still doing more stuff at home ,, but hey I love it ,, I love the house and the way it looks ....

Friday, February 25, 2011

Stressed out

Ahhhh... I'm back ..... sorry for all my blogging friends and visitors ,, the process of moving is just so overwhelming .. and to my service provider who is really gave us heaps of head ache , troubles and delays may the force be you !!!!!!!! yeah!!! #@@@******
Anyway ,, now its start to get people updated ...

We moved in to our new house 2 weeks ago and with all the unpacking and the cleaning up ,, I am just extremely exhausted ,, not only physically but more mentally and with that I am looking haggard and stressed out and with wrinkles showing !!! grrr... does it mean I have to look for the best wrinkle creams in the market ??? sigh........ and the worst part is that I have tons of houswork to do .. more boxes still to be unpacked , more stuff to sort out and a big house to clean and maintain .. But with all that I just LOVE my new house!!!!!!

Keeping in Touch Back Home

Oh dear, we still don't have net connection here at our new home but thanks to McDonalds and our neighborhood grocery for their wifi as I still was able to read my e-mails and browse a little with my phone.

Aside from that I was able to keep in touch with my sister back home in the Philippines and know what's happening there. I also heard that my niece who is taking up Film got a new Macpro laptop that she needed while editing her videos. Meanwhile my sister wanted another dekstop and been canvassing for computers at the shops and online. I'm not sure why she still needs one but I'm pretty sure she'll use it at home while doing her graphic designing.

Chamilia Beads

Oh I just love bling blings! Even though diamonds have become part of my wardrobe, I still find it cute to wear bracelets with beads. I remember my sister gave me a bracelet with sparkling beads as accents as a gift when she had her vacation here in OZ and I loved it. The only problem is it is missing because we've been packing and unpacking our stuff and moved to a new house.
I guess I can find a replacement when I found chamilia beads online. They have an array of beautiful bead collection, some even have swarovski crystals in them. I'm sure I can make another beautiful bracelet with those beads.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Excited to Move

Our house is finally finished but we still can't move as of this time as there are many things to install and paint. My hubby is a furniture maker by trade and can also install benchtops for kitchen and other stuff so we're able to save because he's the one finishing the house. Right now, he still needs to install some more doorknobs in the kitchen so he'll be buying one of those Baldwin hardware that we saw online.

I'm just so excited to move in the new house and start my decoration. I know I have a lot of things to do when we get there like unloading stuff from the boxes and figuring out what theme I want in the living room, etc. My head is full of ideas when it comes to decoration and I hope I can put all of them once we start our big move. Yay... I'm excited!

Me Time

Yey, the kids are back in school so that means I have more free time for myself. I guess, a spa time would be perfect but shopping is more fun! I can go to shops now without kids in tow and perhaps go to the gym as well while they are in school. How'd I wish my hubby and I can also go on a cruise, just like one of those cruises but we can't leave the kids behind.

Anyway, I love taking a vacation with my whole family. I'm wishing by the end of the year, we'll go to some where to have some fun.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Need a change

I am seriously of thinking on going back to work ,, its been almost 7 years that I've been a stay home mum , we have a business but once in a while I go the the factory and help the secretary do some filing and stuff at work , the kids are all in school and sometimes I get bored at home and needed something to stimulate my mind anything on healthcare jobs would be good , since I graduated with a degree on Nursing , something easy and not too tasking and would be during school time ,,,so that I can still pick up the kids from school . That is my only problem; finding a job that will be ideal on my time schedule...Where can I find a job like that ??? Anyway , I am going to be busy this coming weeks because we are moving to our new house on February 12 ,, time to pack thing and purge again ........... wish me luck ...

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Birthday party for lil miss

Ahhh,, my little Miss is turning six next month ,,,, time flies so fast , I remember when I was pregnant with her I was very cautious about things that I do and things that I eat,, I kept myself healthy even taking prenatal multivitamins and doing light exercises, she was born via C section because of my past pregnancies which are all C section .
She was a lil bub , so tiny ,, always sleeping , such a good baby ,, yup,, a good sleeper we even called up my midwife to ask if is normal to be sleeping all the time,, they advised us to wake her up so she can have her milk on a scheduled time... such a good bubba ..

In two weeks time they are going to be back to school and she will be in year 1 ,,yes she survived Kindergarten and to think that she was placed in a composite class with 5 other kids from Kindy ,, so they are with the year 1 kids ,, such a smart cookie she is ... and still outsmarting everyone in the family ... also a bossy boots ,, but all in all a Lovely , caring lil missy , She deserves a beautiful party for her birthday and I am going gaga with all the organizing .

Having trouble sleeping

I've been sleeping really late this past few days ,,, I love to go to sleep .. I love my bed , its comfy and usually whenever I lie down I would fall asleep straight away.. But the Lala land is not calling me yet ,, so staying up all night and surfing the net is what occupies my suppose to be sleep time,, thinking I might need some sleeping pills soon,, its not good to be staying late .. Counting sheep is boring ,, I've counted a thousand sheep even wolves ... I even try to scare myself so I can go to sleep ,,, no help ,, even counting hunky werewolves ,, nope ,, no good.....
Ok,, a green tea?? warm milk ??? OREO ??? left over dinner ,, chocolates, left over Christmas candy canes ... what more???
No energy in the morning and still a school holiday ,, Ok kiddos,, just watch TV while mum takes a nap ,, just don't open the door and don't light up a fire!!!!!!!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Liking this

My lil missy's 6th birthday is coming up,, so here I am getting all geared up to make a fun birthday celebration for her ,, and to think that we are 3 weeks away from moving to our new house,, that means BUSY BUSY BUSY are the words that would describe my life next week,, I am thinking of nicestuff,, pretty things and yummy treats ... loving the cupcackes that Bakella showed on her website ,,, hmmm,,, Im thinking if I can make a nice vupcake like that ...

I am loving all the nice treats that I've been looking at the website,, yahhhhh... my diet !!! it will be ruined!!! gezzz,,, wonder if I should buy weight loss pills online ,, or just stick to a healthy diet ,, new year's resolution sorry I guess I wont be able to pursue that challenge...

Here this is what I love to do.....

Image from Bakerella

Friday, January 14, 2011


With the disaster that happened in Queensland and watching all the news ,, I cant help but feel sad for those who've lost most of their belongings, love ones and everything they have in life .
Today is sunny and really humid ,, a reminder that Mother nature is so powerful and change all the time ...
As the people try to salvage things that they can and do a big clean up ,, they need support .
There are ways of helping them and the government set up a site to to get more details on how to help or donate..

Seeing some of the pictures and hearing stories about those who survived the floods make me wonder , how can they be able to cope up ,, they would surely start again, houses to be rebuilt,, how about those who have no insurance???

As I look at these pictures seeing cars devastated , would they have high risk auto insurance ,, for sure heaps of people are going to claim for it ,, and I hope they can claim most of it ....

But then again,, I just hope that this would never happen again.....

Monday, January 10, 2011

Sale again

As the Australian get stronger and almost at par with the US dollar , we are getting into the groove to shop online in the US,,, yeah its way much cheaper even with the International postage ,,but gezzzz I missed out on Cyber Monday sale ... we were away at the time and didn't know much about it ... yes ,, we have sale here the biggest one was the Boxing Sale right after Christmas ,, when they need to sell their stocks to bring in some new stock ...
Anyway ,, I still buy things online and I still find cheap stuff internationally and that makes me itchy to shop for some house decor .. I needed some wall decor for my kids room,, flower decals for my lil miss and nautical decal for my lil man and there are heaps of nice stuff to choose from,, have to place an order now before we move in to a new address .....

Update on my house

This is how my kitchen looks like ,,, yupppp,,, its not yet finished because hubby was busy painting the walls ,, he will finish the kitchen later ,, oh yes,,, my hubby can install kitchens .... lucky me !!!! he is a furniture maker by trade , he also a kitchen installer so when we designed the kitchen he told me not to worry because he will make me a nice kitchen ,,, I just told him what I wanted in the kitchen,, big space ,, lots of cupboard and a big pantry ..... yup and he is making it as a reality for me!!!

So aside from that ,, the ceiling needs to be painted ,, light fixtures to be installed ,, architrave and my lovely hard floor to be sanded ,, yes,, too much stuff to do and we are planning to move in early February .. so Good luck to us!!!

Furniture dilemma

AS I get excited about moving in to the new house ,, I am also getting busy checking out style and stuff to decorate the house ,, we are such in a tight budget and I don't think we need some new furniture in the house ,, so what I am doing is going through some websites that shows decorating in a budget ,, a DIY project ...
I was looking at my green sofa ,, sigh ....... and another sigh,.... all worn out and so outdated ,, it needs something to freshen up .. a nice slipcover would be a great solution ,, so I am looking for ideas for doing a slipcover ,, or finding some slipcovers on sale ,, I am thinking of a crisp linen type , something that is easy to wash and durable for the kids.. I already have some cushions that I bought at Target on sale that is why I only needed a plain neutral sofa .....
I am looking at some more inspirational pictures that I can base on so I can have achieve a good decor ....

Monday, January 3, 2011

Away for a weekend

Its been very hot the last few days ,,,, yesterday the temperature rose to 43C whoaaa a scorching heat,, good thing we were on a holiday for 3 days ,,,we went to Hunter Valley a wine region in Australia,, it was also hot there ... best thing is we can stay in an air conditioned room and go for a swim all day ... I was sweating really hard,,, no need to wear a make up ,, at least my face can breathe for awhile,, make up free ,, good thing because I sometimes get an acne when I wear too much make up ,, even when I am using an acne skin care ,, I still would have some spot . But anyway ,, its good to be away with the kids this year ,, my kids love to swim and the best thing is we were able to drive around and visited the wineries and tasted wine,,, it was really good and we found and bought some wines that we like... I'll post some pictures later ,, I was using my DSLR but I ran out of battery and I forgot to bring my charger ,, so capturing some moments on my Iphone , the quality is not clear ,, but I still have the good memories with me...

Birthday soon

Happy New Year to everyone,,,, let us embrace 2011 and hoping that this would be a great year!

Big celebrations had passed this year ,, My daughter's 16th birthday ,, my hubby's 40th and my 40th birthday ... whoaaa what a year ..
Now ,, Im am already organizing my lil girl's 6th birthday party,,, she wanted to have a Fairy party ,, so I've been searching for some inspiration , I saw a site that have nice invitations,, not only for birthdays but also for baby shower invitations , mommy cards, wedding inviattions and so much more .. Then I need to plan the food, the costume and find a Fairy to entertain the kids....
Her birthday is on February , so I really need to act fast and get things organized... Will post some pics for things that I like to do for her next time....