Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sky ...

With a warm weather looiming up ,, I cant help but welcome the nice weather with a nice manicure ...

Love love this colour !!!!It the Blue sky that makes me smile ,, like the colou of this mani ,, I made some clouds too....
It brightens my day and its a celebration of a nice Spring day for us....

Poeple had ditched their winter outfit and they are just eager to wear summer clothes ... I still have some few unwanted punds that Ive accumulated and I have to read some phentermine reviews and I guess I haveto do something to look good for the coming season .

Keeping myself awake

Sleep deprived.... that is what I am right now.....
I have to close to my eyes,,,, no I can't!!!! ahhhh,, drifting ...... drifting away to Lala land....
Snap out of it ,, there are things to do ,, emails to read, reviews to do , bills to be paid ,,,, never ending ,,, I can stay all night but staying late gives me those dark circles around my eyes,,, not really attractive.....
Sip my coffee,,, type some words,, I don't want to fall in a trance ...
OK I'm awake even for just a few hours ...

I love to sleep ,,,but I love to stay up late,, does it make sense???? Probably not ,,,
I like doing some work at night but when I'm done I just lie down and off I fall asleep quickly ... and the anticipation of my back hitting the bed is just overwhelming .

Ok back to work............

Sale hunting

My friend and I went to the shops the other day ,, we enjoy shopping together and do Sale hunting ,, and most of the shops are having a mid season SALE ,, who would not like to get a good bargain and snap a good stuff ???
Since we are building a house and we are almost nearing the completion , my mind is already gearing up for getting all the decor, since David Jones is on sale I went to the shop and went straight to the manchester and towel section ,, I am loving the Egyptian cotton towels that were 40 % off ,, loving the feel of a fluffy towels,, so walked around and feeling all the towels and checking the brands and prices,,, because I will be back next week when Im ready to buy them ,,, OK towels checked ,, off I went to the bed lines and my oh my 1000 count bedding ,,, ahhhhh must be a pure heaven to sleep on it .... so checked the item that I like and made a mental notes on them,,,,, so that when I come back I know exactly what I have to get ....

Get Spooky

Ok,,,, its the time of the year to get Spooky...
Although Halloween is not big here in Australia ,, some people still get in the mood and celebrate it,,, with the looming commercialism of all things ,, the shops are well decorated with Halloween stuff,,, from lollies, pumpkin, costumes,, house decor and all sorts ,, people are now buying things ,,, I remember that my suburb would have 2- 3 kids walking around trick or treating,, but now heaps of them are doing it ,, so we have to get those lollies ready every year ...
To join in the fun ,,, I also doing a Halloween stuff my daughter's lunch box ... I am loving the BENTO stuff in blogosphere , I just started dong it ,, last week,,,
Its the last term for my daughters Kindergarten and lately she would come home without eating her boring lunch .. I was meant to do a BENTO for her before she started school but things happened and forgot about that ,,, but then I decided to start it knowing it would encourage her to eat her lunch ...

This is my second week ,,, so I would start from Monday the 25th since its Halloween week ....

Gummy body parts EYES and Mouth
Pumpkin Basket with Blueberries
Cheese stick with apple skin nail
Carrots carved as pumpkin

Just loving them,, and since mt lil girl is really good with trying food it was relieve because I can pack foods for her easily ,, giving her healthy options and hoping that she will maintain eating healthy foods and might grow up healthy conscious to avoid nasty stuff so ther would be no need for diet pills, natural colon cleansing , drastic diets or shakes ...

Friday, October 22, 2010

Can I wear em???

Yesterday I was wathing the Current Affairs show at channel 9 and what caught my eyes where the show showing the latest trend on swimwear ...
Yes,, it the time of the year here in Oz to show off some skin,, Winter Hibernation is finished and time to get out and have fun in the sun ,, I love Summer and I love the heat ...
Although I love em,, I am not that confident to wear swimwear ....

I always say I have the jiggling flabs and a muffin top,, yes people I confess,, I have them all.....
so watchng the segment about Swimwear shape wear ,, I can learn about how to disguise the flaws and find the best swimwear for me ..
No magic pills,,, no colon cleanse ,, lemon detox,, boot camp exercises ??????

images from

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Why oh Why???

Yes,,, Why oh Why am I not loosing weight?????
This is my dilemma at the moment,,, a very special event will take place in November and here I am pondering why am I not loosing these unwanted fats????

I was reading this article at and checking if Im doing the same thing or I might end doing the fast weight loss solutions .

A must read and I wanted to share to it too...

Skipping breakfast
Running late for work again? Before you bolt out the door on nothing but a cup of coffee, be aware that skipping breakfast can be bad news for weight loss. Chances are, you're going to feel hungry later - and that may be when you have less access to healthy food and are more likely to reach for a doughnut.
Keep something on hand that you can eat on the run, such as fruit, yoghurt or low-fat cereal bars.
Feasting on family favourites
When your kids or spouse have a favourite family meal, it's hard to ban it from your menu list. Family favourites, such as lasagna, are often high in fat and kilojoules.
Serve yourself a smaller serving of the main meal and a large serving of vegetables or salad. It's also a good idea to try to find a lower-fat version of the family favourite.
Social overeating
Eating whatever you wanted at a restaurant was OK in the days when people ate out only a few times a year. But these days we dine out every week, if not every day.
Search the menu for meals cooked using low-fat methods, such as grilling or stir-frying, and ask for sauces and dressings on the side. That way you can control how much you have.
Not counting every bite
A few potato chips while you open the mail. Just a few cookies while you help the kids with their homework. When we snack, we tend to be standing up or have our attention focused on another task. This can lead to thinking the kilojoules "don't count". Unfortunately, they do.
Set ground rules, such as "I don't eat in the car or while I'm watching television." And always, keep track of everything you eat during the day. Knowing you'll have to write it down will make you think twice about having that one bite.
Expecting too much too soon
After several months of dedication you're down in the dumps - you feel the scale has barely moved. Expecting too much weight loss too soon is an extremely common blunder. A healthy rate of weight loss is up to one kilo a week. But many people aim for more than that, then feel like failures and give up when they don't reach that unrealistically high goal.
Make "slow and steady" your mantra. If you really don't believe that one kilo lost amounts to much, lift one kilo of butter the next time you're at the supermarket. You'll realise how well you're doing.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

I want him to stop

I hate and I really do !!!!!

Everyday as my hubby lit up a cigarette I just cringe seeing him puff those nasty sticks...
He was able to quit when we got married ,, but after 5 years of quitting , his mum was sick and passed away and that made him took up smoking again ,,, hayyyy....
I always remind him of the bad effects of smoking and telling him to think of the kids ,, but his will power is not strong enough to quit .. I even saw an ads about a methol flavor electronic cigarette cheap and I guess I don't want him to try that one either , I just want him to STOP!!!!!

Here in Oz there are heaps of ads about quiting smoking , they even have a warning sign on the packet and some nasty pics of thing that will happen when you smoke..
OK this is so off putting for me but this is how the ads go....

Thursday, October 14, 2010


ahhhh ,, I am failing ,,, yes failing in keeping myself fit....
A couple of weeks ago I was raving that I was back on my Wii Fit doing Yoga, exercise and dancing ,, but the past few days the hype just worn out..

Sadly I was sneaking some chocolates in my shopping cart !!! bad bad bad ,, It was not on my LIST!!! errrr failure ,, yeah totally because I also bought a cheesecake to be consumed right after dinner !!! of all things CHEESEcake which is high in calories and fats...

I guess no matter how much I read about fat burner reviews , watch ads about some machines that promises to loose those love handles and those diet pills that guarantees to loose weight .. I am still feeling sluggish, lazy and don't want to do anything about my expanding waist line...
I have to put my head on it and start acting fast 40 40 40 40 ahhhhhh that's the next event for me and I need to look good ASAP!!!!!!!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Our Anniv is coming soon

I am getting excited !!!!!

This coming November is my 40th birthday ,,, yeah ,, 40 years of bliss as I claim it !! I want to be positive in life and wanted to spend probably the next 40 years of my life in abundance and love … Hoping and Praying that everything will run smoothly ..

Then CHRISTMAS , my favourite time of the year,,, a time for giving and to be with love ones ,, I love seeing my kids faces on Christmas day as they unwrap their gifts ,, precious as they say…

On DECEMBER 28 is my wedding Anniversary ,, 10 YEARS this coming December ,, a milestone for us and for us this will be a good year !! 10 years of happiness and love and we are still very much inlove .
So here I am searching for a best gift and came across anniversary gifts by year ,,, hmm,, I wasn't aware of that ,, I’ve been through all the 9 years and never followed the theme.. I found out that the best first wedding anniversary gifts should be a paper…

1st: Paper
2nd: Cotton
3rd: Leather
4th: Fruit
5th: Wood
6th: Candy
7th: Wool
8th: Bronze
9th: Pottery
10th: Aluminum
11th: Steel
12th: Silk
13th: Lace
14th: Ivory
15th: Crystal
16th: Wax
17th: Shell
18th: Feather
19th: Chili Pepper
20th: China/Porecelain
25 Year Anniversary Gifts: Silver
50 Year Anniversary Gifts: Gold

Since our 10 year anniv is coming the traditional gift should be ALUMINIUM ,, so I was looking at these gifts and I like them….

Well,, I guess I am getting my gift an ALUMINIUM roofing for my new house !!!!!! which hopefully be finished in December ,,,, so we are on the right track then….

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Need a night out

My hubby and I love to go on a date , but since we have small kids ,, we really have to organise it properly and make sure that my hubby's Auntie is available during that time... My hubby's parents passed away already and my mom is in the Philippines so its hard for us to go on a date by ourselves ,, it needs a lot of early notification..
We are very fussy with leaving our kids to anyone.. We are not comfortable leaving the kids to a nanny or babysitter ,, we 're just too paranoid,, we might even set up a nanny cam , if we do leave the kids to someone that is not related to us .. But I know that everyone has the same apprehension,, we cannot just trust people to look after our precious ones . With the looming in or area we also need to be extra careful and protect not only my kids but also our properties,, that is why we have a Home security system installed .
Anyway, our next night out will be in February 2011 to watch Michael Buble's concert in Sydney ,, we are such a fan and we saw his concert 3 years ago and we just want to see his Crazy Love concert ,, heard about good reviews about it ,, so yeah that would be our Valentines day date . Booked that ticket 5 months ago ,,, I mean that would be 9 months in advance !!!!
I always say to my friend who always go on a ate every Friday with hubby because they can simply drop off their kids to her in laws,,that they are lucky to have someone to look after their kids and for them to enjoy their night out ...
How about you ??? Do you go out often????