Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Online shopping

I went to the shops this morning,,, gezzz,, itsbeen along time since I went out shopping,, not grocery but mall shopping ,, the reason why is that I am into online shopping ,,, I like doing online shopping because I can browse around and find things that I needed.. Very convenient since I am in the comfort of my own home ,, sipping coffee and eating cookies while doing my shopping,,, How good is that .
I also found a site that offers a good online coupon on , not only that; I also went to the site and found about what they call Ebill, since I am very particular about interenet safety , I wanted to deal in a safe and secure transaction...
Finding an online shop that wont ask for :

social security number
bank account number
credit card number
debit card number
date of birth

is really good,, because it will avoid Hackers to steal my identity... I can just pay it through my bank,, my own net banking or over walk in locations....
I think this is the go for safe online shopping .... I hope that most of the shopping will be like this one ...

Monday, August 16, 2010

Too much chatting

As I mentioned before that my eldest daughter who just turned 16 is playing as Garbriella in Highschool Musical here in our local theatre group. She had been busy rehearsing 2 times a week,, studying , and also works 2 times week,, plus home works,, FACE BOOK, guitar , dancing , friends and most of all constant chatting on phone with her friends,, sometimes it getting too much!!! since we have a cordless phone,, she always bring it in her room,, and mind yo ,, we have 3 cordless phones and all of them are in her room!!! ,, she always get into trouble by bringing them all in here room and just leave there without putting back into its own base to charge!! I need to read some cordless phone reviews because my phone needed to be upgraded.
Sometimes, hubby would say its better if we have the old handset phone so that she cannot bring them in er room,, and she can stay there on the phone for long hours ,,, ahh,, the pain of having a teenager ...that is only the phone ,, but how about computer and facebook???? this would be a whinging blog.... errrr... I need patience,, serenity now!!!

Slowly building

I have been very busy the last few days,, since we are building and the tradesmen are already setting up the frame for our house ,, my hubby and I are getting excited with the development, it is slowly moving...
The tradesmen needed to confirm some measurement from us , so Hubby and I are making sure we are available whenever we are needed on site .
With all the excitement ,, we are getting in the mood to shop for things,,, the 1st dilemma is the toilet,,, thousands of tile to choose from!!!! Toilet suites and all the accessories are also a pain .. We found a perfect toilet suite ,, but not yet available .. arrggg.... we have to make a decision soon because the plumber will need it ...

Ahh,, cant wait to decorate the house!!!! I saw some design furniture at the shops the other day and Ive got my eye on it and will visit it again next time...

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Sick hubby

Its been such a hectic for us.. I was doing an errands fr hubby all throughout this week..WE are in the process of building our house and being an owner builder, it is so much stressful ,, more to my hubby because he is the one organizing everything , organizing tradesmen is the hardest part, some are not reliable and wasting too much of our precious time... The time is ticking and we need to put a roof in the house, oopppss we don't have a frame yet .... so it is still a long way ..
This is giving my hubby so much stress, he had a flu last week and this time he is suffering from a severe tooth ache ,, I mean really bad,, he has not eaten solid meal for almost two days ,, its his wisdom tooth that is making his life miserable at the moment .. With the money that is eating up medical expenses,, I should have taken Blue Cross NC plans ,, we don't have medical plan and every time we go to the doctor or dentist , its too much of an expense,, anyway,, I have to look through it and decide about it...
Weekend and still hubby is still working at the site,, poor hubby,, I helped him the last two days but there are tons of stuff to do ... Its gonna be a slow process and more headaches to come!!!!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Still a long way to finish

I know that we are still far away from finishing our new house ,, but I am so excited already..
Th other day my hubby and I went to the shops to look around for a really nice oven.... There are really nice stuff around the shops and we are still in the process of looking around and getting some prices for comparison .
Aside from that I went pass in a bed linen section and my oh my I am loving these matouk bed linens ,, they are so inviting and really classy ,,

so I really have to consider on buying a really nice linen... Then the bathroom section and with all the tapware and vanities taht are on special at the moment ,, I cant help but choose the expensive one... I guess I have an expensive taste especially with the home wares. So, the only thing that I can do at the moment is to list down the thigs tahat I like and the prices next to it and then we can work on our budget ...


Ahh,, the weather here in Oz is terrible the last few days,,, Cold wind and raining ,, not a good weather for building a house... Yeah,, we are slowly building our dream house and with the weather like this ,, it is just difficult to do the job... The frame was supposed to be up today but with the constant rain it was postponed till next Thursday , and the time is ticking and the expenses is too much to bear..
My hubby is all stressed put,, he is always at the job site ,, where he should also should in his work ,, there are plenty of job to do and finalising some cad drawings
too for woodworking in his work,, good thing ,, we own the business, or else he should have been fired by now...
Anyway,, we are hoping that the weather will ease a little bit and will give us SUNSHINE!!!!