Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Nail Blog

I am new to nail art, nail konading and nail polishes..
This is my new hobby and I find it so much fun and interesting to find other people who are very passionate about nail polishes...

This is my new fave site and she is having a HUGE GIVEAWAY ,, so check out here site KONADLISCIOUS and find out more about it ....

This giveaway includes Aussie polish:
Ulta3 English Rose, a red with gold shimmer
Ulta3 Envy, silver metallic foil
BYS Raspberry Chocolate
JayJays Magnetic silver glitter
Mode Hook me up, bright blue creme
Mode Diamonte, multi holo glitter
Miki Black creme
BYS Astro Gold
Simpli 13, green duochrome
Be Yourself Razzle Dazzle
A selection of Aussie chocolates
L.A Colors 4 pack of Intense Brites Collection
1 Bundle Monster nail stamping plate
1 Chez-Delaney nail stamping plate
1 Fauxnad nail stamping plate
1 boxed Gold KOnad stamping polish
1 cool Zebra striped iphone case
and last but not least, 2 of my handmade glass beads that I make in the shape of cupcakes!
And a pair of my handmade glass bead earrings in sterling siver with Swarovski crystals.

Ahh now Im hooked and will surely be lurking around this site ....... :)

Like this one

As the Winter season is fast soon going to end , there are heaps of sale that is happening.
There is this one site that offers a good sale on designer shoes.. I am loving this Prada shoes .

I was drooling with all the designer brands on discount , from Prada, Gucci , Dolce and Gabbana , Givenchy, Manolo Blahnik and so much more.
Definitely worth looking at this site and check out all the best brands on sale .

Ahh,, I guess I am over the winter season now,, I just want a warm sunny day , where I can just wear simple clothes and feel the heat of the sun. But today it is rainy and the cold breeze is freezing, I cant help but dream of a sunny day where the daylight is long and kids can enjoy a long warm day...

Friday, July 23, 2010


Ahh Its been awhile since my last post ,, I've been feeling a bit slacked , winter time and its the best time to feel lazy and just sit around hehehe.. here I am drinking my coffee using a really nice custom mugs keeping my self warm on a cold day...
My kids are doing well,, 2 weeks of school holiday is finished and back to school again ,, so I'm up and about again,,, dropping and picking and out of school activities ,, but basically gone back to normal routine ...

Update on our house,, bricks had been laid and took them around 3 weeks , so it means it is slowly happening ,, it is such a drag ,, but my hubby said if we have enough money ,, it would be finished straight away,, but we have a budget and we need to work around it ...

So whats been happening with all my blogger friends around????

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Another Toy Sale

It's BIg W toy sale and its still going on...
I went there the 1st day when they started the sale and the amount of people on queue for the lay by is unbelievably long.. Yeah I was supposed to put the stuff on lay bay so I can just pick it up before Christmas,, but I cant stay that long on line,, so I just went straight to the counter and paid the toys and just kept them in my garage...
Anyway,, there are good bargains there and some of the toys that where placed on the point of purchase displays ,, where the 1st ones to be sold out ...
From Barbie dolls, Transformers, Dora , Bob the Builder, Thomas the Tank and all sorts of toys , there are heaps of good deal and some people have a trolley load of toys... errr... that's a lot I ended up getting my bit this Transformers 2 ,, he just love them and for sure he will be happy with it ....

Next week it will be Target's Toy sale and I have to check it out too...

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Face routine

As the years pass and I'm getting older it was then that I'm getting extra careful with myself,, the years of neglect on my face had a big toll on my face,,, with the extreme heat here in Oz ,, my face is almost covered with dark spots or freckles , my skin is very sensitive and if I could only turn back the clock I would be very vigilant with sun protection, although I have freckles I am delighted that there are only few lines on my face... ahhh but I guess it wont be long before the dreaded crows feet, laugh line and wrinkles will creep on my face ,, I know there are good wrinkle creams on the market , but I am extra careful with it after having suffered a bad reaction to a certain wrinkle cream,, I develop hives and a nasty allergic reaction .
I am using a certain brand that I trusted for so many years and I guess Ill have to stick with it for a very longtime , since I find it effective and I have no adverse reaction to it .

What to do

School Holiday here in Oz and I am busy finding activities for the kids...
Going to the Movies ... Checked!!!
Going to the Library .... checked!
Going shopping ....... checked!!!
Staying at home, watching videos ... checked!!
Playing games ...... Checked!!!!
Doing crafts.... checked!!!
Taking to the show at the malls... checked!!!

Ahh, these are the things that we've one so far,,, the only thing that is missing is my weekly fitness routine,, my ZUMBA classes,, I miss doing this . I love doing the classes because it is intense and I am they say that its good for burning belly fat ...
But next week the kids are back to school so definitely I'll be back to my routine...

Thursday, July 8, 2010

School Holiday

Its school holiday here in Oz again eldest daughter have 3 weeks off and the 2 young kiddos have 2 weeks off..
Started the week for them by taking them to watch a movie Marmaduke , it was a good movie and the kids were entertained .
Then, took the kids to watch a show at our local shops ,, a Super hero show which made my boy very excited ,, IronMan, Spiderman and Hulk were there and boy oh boy ,, my B1 was so delighted to see them,, he is such a Fan !!!!

I've been taking the kids to the shop almost everyday , and I try to avoid it today because we only end up buying take away food,, well no other than McDonalds and KFC,,, ahhhh and that broke my healthy diet ,,, I also missed my Zumba this week , since I have the kids with me,, But I'm not thinking of natural weight loss pills ,, but I am thinking of hopping on my Wii Fit again .. Needed a bit of exercise ,, I know its good idea to bring the kids to the park but the weather is cold and miserable with occasional rain so needed to do something indoors..

Anyway, I like spending time with the kids even when were just at home chillin out .... They are lovely kids and easy to be with ....

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Do nothing

It's been cold the past few days in our place,, we had a -3 C the other day,, woke up, peeked outside and saw a blanket of frost, my kids were excited and shouting "snow snow" but it was just frost but looks like a snowy field...

Its been cold the whole day and what a best time to just laze around in my pyjamas , snuggle up and watch tv all day and do nothing!!! yeah,, that would be ideal on a cold day , no worries about housework, exercise , best diet pills , gym, zumba, walking ,, just do absolutely nothing ,, but hey ,, have to move on,, pick the kids up ,, drive them around for their t of school activities,, so I guess ,, I'll just dream of lazing around because I cant just sit around ... Maybe next time.....