Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Last Sunday my hubby's family already had a pre Easter gathering ,,, too early???? yeah because Uncle Sam and his family will go on a weekend away ,, so the they decided to have a simple barbie at hubby's grandparents house ...

It was a hot day and as we gather around the table to eat there were various conversation around, they were speaking in Italian and we the outcast are talking amongst ourselves, conversation ranging from childhood memories, things to do and health issue,, because granddad was trying to feel his pulse ,, he was saying that he have a skipping pulse,,, hmmm,,, as he try and feel in pulse with his fingers ,, I don't know if he is getting it correctly ,,, he might need that finger pulse oximeter for accurate reading,,, anyway,, it was just one of those moments that was bothering him,,, but they were trying to appease him and keeping his mind of the things he was feeling..

But above all, it was a good gathering since we were all feeling full after the meal,, kids were playing quietly and we were having good conversation.....

Friday, March 26, 2010

Baby tooth

Last week my boy lost his first tooth , actually Dad pulled his tooth out ,, it was already wobbly and almost out ,, my boy had his 2 permanent teeth came out already and was at the back of the baby teeth,,, that is why the new teeth are crooked and we have to take the baby ones to make way for it,,, so the brave Dad used a string technique,,, I was too scared to look at it ,,, eww I just cant take it ... I know we save time and money by not going to a dentist or even the Plano dentist ...Well the baby tooth was still in good condition and Braiden placed it in a cup for Tooth Fairy to collect.... ahh yeah ,, he knows about Tooth Fairy , we took him to watch the Movie Tooth fairy last month , so that he'll be ready when he loose his tooth ,, and my boy was so excited knowing he will get something for it ...

When he woke up in the morning he was so excited to show the $5 note that the Tooth Fairy left for him.......

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Weekend away

ADAM the Birthday celebrant........

2 weeks ago we went to attended my husband's best friends 40th birthday Surprise party . We had to travel 3 hours just to g this his place. So we left Friday afternoon right after finishing the kids classes , picked them up form school and traveled straight away,, I packed the luggage for 2 nights stay in a self contained apartment.. It is go to go away once in a while , I know we just came back from holiday last January but this time its just a weekend away , a small break from work and school ...

Our friend's fiancee who organised the party held the event on her Thai restaurant and it was such a good night seeing god friends who came from all over and gather there to surprise the Birthday celebrant ...

My hubby and his mates enjoyed the endless amount of booze and food,,
although it was at the Thai resto there was a Belly dancing entertainment ,, it looks fun and maybe I can try doing that too to get a quick trim .... anyway,, maybe not ,, I'm not fond of showing my belly anyway,,, ha ahah

Dining out

Last week we visited our fave Steak at Rumps and Ribs house ,,, we love going there to get the Best value for our money , the meal is HUGE ,, I orederd the combo chicken and ribs and when it came out my eyes popped because it was a big meal ,,,looks like the chicken is on steroids and it is only half a chicken,,, as I devour the mouth watering meal ,, I was not even half way through I have to give up because I am getting full ,, It was ridicilous,, I can never achieve stomach fat loss with the way I am eating ...

Geezzz,,,, even kids meal are huge, the ribs are like baby dinosaur size!!!!! hehehe

But we always end up getting my fave dessert ,,, yum yum yum and who can resist them???

Happy eating everyone!!!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Need to act fast!!!

Lately I am experiencing a hair loss,,, I dont know if it is normal or like what my Hubby said to me "You are moulting like a dog!!!""" there is jhair everywhere,, on my pillows, clothes, toilet, shower, my stuff.... and it makes me feel scared to even brush my hair!!!!!
Hubby said I need a short haircut ,,, and that made me freaked out NO WAY!!! No more short hair for me my dear.. I wanted to have a long shiny hair again just like my hair 15 years ago!!!!!! Long time ago and now how I wish I can have that long shiny hair that everyone complements .. That was my only Crown jewel....

So now I am surfing around finding ways for a more healthy hair I have to act fast to prevent hair loss

Baking soda: When mixed with a regular shampoo, baking soda helps to remove residue.

Cider vinegar: After your first shampoo and rinse, measure about 1/2 cup of apple cider vinegar in a pitcher and add about four cups of water. (It's probably a helluva lot easier if you do that before your first shampoo. Suddy eyes and all that jazz.) Pour it over your hair, and here's the trick: don't rinse it out.

Eggs and lemon: Mix together one egg with a dash of lemon juice and add to your normal shampoo. Lather and rinse. The leftover eggs and lemon have pancakes written all over them.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Public Speaking Dilemma ?? Try Bravina

How well do you cope with stress or anxiety??????With relaxation method,, Yoga, exercise , or by taking Bravina ??

We all had experience embarrassing moments like this.... Being in front of strangers mumbling or just lost with words..... They say that Public speaking is the most feared event in life..... and I cannot agree more!!!!! I don't have the guts to stand in front and express my feelings ,,, first if it is not spoken in my tongue ; for sure I will jumble my words and nervousness would overtake..

That is why I'm wondering how the heck does other people do it,, is it because they use Bravina which is a supplement to promote relaxation or just what they say they are born to TALK?????
There are Politicians,, who love to talk about their Life, their work or anything under the sun and they can manage really well with the stress,, wondering if they take Bravina to lessen the anxiety or they are just naturally talented people when it comes to Public Speaking.

I can only imagine in my native Homeland where the election fever is on the hype... With all the public speaking and public appearances ; the candidates are all pumped up to be in front of the microphone , all hyped up and ready to give their best , some of them are good entertainers and even yo point that do some tricks like singing or dancing,,, whoooaa and they are really out there getting all the public trust and probably the public Vote ,,, but for me Im contented on just watching them perform ,, got no guts to be infront of the stage,,, just give me Bravina and I might even have a go....

Our Holiday

Hows everyone??? Hope that evrything is perfectly well..
Anyway,, I went to check on some of my holiday photos and saw the Disney Holiday,,, It was such a Fun goingto Disneyland,, although we just went to HK Disney is was good since it the closest destination from Australia ,,, we love being there and hopefully someday visit USA and go on Orlando vacation packages , my kids were amazingly good during our travel and would love to do it again but next time Disney USA would be ideal ,, and gezzz we have to start saving for this , we have to see all the shows and be able to have our photos taken with the Disney Princess; since my Lil girl missed out on having her photos done with them,, the shows are good but it was spoken in Mandarin,, so my kids were like duhhhhh????? anyway they still laughed and watched the show ...

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Missing something

I dont know,, I've been missing my old home lately,, sighhhh,,,, sad.......with background music............******
There where days that I can envision myself still walking around the old house hanging around the kitchen ,, I can still clearly see my lounge room, kitchen everything..... another sighhhhhh.... it makes me feel sad,,,
Don't get me wrong I like the place that we are renting at the moment ,, we've got a tremendous view of the golf course, the area is very quiet,, all I can hear at night time are crickets, frogs and night birds and I would wake early morning hearing the sound of the golf ball,,, ahhhh music to my ears ,,, but I guess this is not my home and we are still awaiting for one important paper to be approved so we can start building!!!!
That's it ,,, it must be the wait ,,, the long agonizing wait to build our dream home ,,, ahhhhh still waiting and waiting and feeling the agony ,,,
what is it with me tonight ???
Ok while waiting I'll just check my mails ,, pays online bills, check on the best online term life insurance rates and be productive rather than whinging.... Night evryone!!!

What am I up to

Yes ,, Did I just mention that Im back to hubby's work place???? When Bianca started Kindergarten last January ,, hubby suggested that I should go to his work and help the our secretary do some filing, papre works and anything that I could lend a hand with ....
I know no more bludging around as my hubby uttered..... Yeah ,, yeah,, drag me out of BED!!!!!! I love my bed!!!!! I just want to stay all day at home,, lie in bed,, play farmville or update my blog@!!!!!! grrrrrr......
But hey ,, wake up my lovely!!!! life is not a bed of roses,, have to go out and do something productive,, I dont need to check the website of philadelphia inquirer jobs ,,, there is something there for me to do,,
hey just kidding,,,, I like going to hubbys work ,,, its our business and I need to help my man and be there for him and for our future,,,
I still update my blog and go to FB and even play Cafe world and Farmville,,,,, ahhh life ,, Work and Play!!!!!!

To file or not to File

A month ago I went on a cleaning mode of my home office ,, all the papers had been filed away and I put away important documents, receipts that should have been clearly printed in a receipt printer ,, but now sitting on the desk and looking at my stuff,,boy oh boy,,, how fast they accumulate!!!!!! Haaaaaa,,, I know I should file afterwards,,, but I not a filer person ,, I pile them 1st then file them away,,, that's what TO FILE tray is for ......
I guess it needs to be dealt with passion again,,,,, do it in 2 hours and have a cup of nice coffee afterwards,,, Don't get me wrong ,, I love lurking in sites about Organizing and I love watching Home shows,,, and I get motivated but needs the motivation to stay within ....
I guess I just blame it on the fact that when Bianca started school ,, I started going to my hubby's work 3 times a week now,, well,,, let just put it this way .... Lack of Time?????

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Love em ,,Make up brushes

I am loving my new obsession ,, Make up application...... I had been into make up ever since ,, but not like as detailed as this one,, with all the Make up gurus on Youtube that I love to follow,, I learn more tricks and tips from them ,,, Know when I go out I make sure that I look good and feeling good ...

I am loving my SIGMA brushes,,, I saw the reviews about it and most of them are raving about these make up brushes,,, so I bought the kit and arrived 4 days ago , I was so excited to use them because they feel really great,, love em love em,,,,, the bristles are soft and just to die for ,,, its was a good investment ,, so this is highly recommended,, you just need a good make up brush to get a good application .....

I will also post some of the make up that I bought that I am loving just need to do some errands and check on my life insurance lead that I've been waiting for.....