Saturday, February 20, 2010

Working on our site

Last week I took some photos of our business premises,, we needed to upgrade some photos on our Business Internet site ,, when we were on holiday in the Philippines my hubby was talking to my nephew about making some changes on our site,, since my nephew is a doing Internet sites it would be good that he can change ours and make it more professional looking..
He needed some more photos to make the site more appealing and he will arrange the directory submissions for the Internet site so that it would be easy to find our business online..

We are hoping that through the site we can get more exposure and eventually lead to more customers , since more and more people are searching online since it is easy for them...
So I have to email some of the photos to get the things done and have a good traffic on our website... So watch out for it,, I will post the link when its done...

Thursday, February 18, 2010

New things to try

Facebook for me is getting boring now.... after getting hooked on playing games such as Cafe world, Farmville and restaurant ,, I am now getting sick and tired of it...
For the meantime; I am hooked with you tube,, make up gurus.... yeah,,, some girls who are giving tips and advices on skin care ....

Some are giving reviews on make ups, brushes,, skin care hair care and all sort of stuff,,, Last night I was watching a review on skin id and and other creams available in the market,,,
I just like watching because I learn so much and try to jot down products that are interesting,,, but it doesn't mean I have to follow them,,, just checking them out and finding products that will work best on me ... hey Beauty is such a good business ....

And don't we all wanna feel beautiful????

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I need some tips

I am trying my best to feed my kids with healthy foods and since they my youngest daughter just started Kindergarten ,, I am on a hunt for recipes and ideas on how to pack a good healthy lunch that will give her enough multivitamin and minerals to sustain her during the day...

I came across some pamphlets at Coles and I like some of the lunch box ideas there.. so I am checking Nutrition Australia for more ideas.....

Excerpt from Nutrition Australia
Healthy Eating

Nutrition Australia promotes a varied diet that consists largely of fresh fruits, vegetables and wholegrains. Variety is important and we are fortunate in Australia that our availability of foods is extensive, compared to world food prices food is relatively inexpensive in Australia and our food supply reflects our cultural diversity.

Some key tips to healthy eating are:

Try and eat 30 different foods a day
When choosing vegetables for a meal enjoy the different colored vegetables available as the colour of fruit and vegetables contain important antioxidants important for health and disease prevention.
Chose water as your first choice to drink.
Prepare food at home whenever possible.
Take time out to enjoy meals with family and friends when possible. Families that eat together befit form a range of health and social benefits.

How we spent our V Day

mommy moments

Ahhh,, Valentines day!!!!!! Well,, my loving hubby and I celebrated the said event early,, went out on a nice dinner on the 13th,,, It was a 5 meal course with live entertainment,, a singer singing all the soppy song all through the night....... the room was full of couples enjoying the night out without kids !!!!!

Yeah,,,,,, there was silence when we entered the room as we rock in there with 2 kids in tow!!!! yup,,, I could almost feel the look ,,, they must be thinking ,,, Oh what a brave couple to bring kids to a nice romantic dinner!!! yup..... that us!!!!!

First of all, we have no babysitter and we didn't plan the dinner ,, all we wanted was to eat at a family restaurant ,, when hubby ran up to book a table they said that it's a V day celebration dinner,, and its ok to bring the kids (just as long as they are not ferals... hahah),,,

2nd my kids are perfectly well behaved!!!! Thanks to the technology of Nintendo DS and Iphone games.... they sat there all night without making a fuss...... and so we had a beautiful night!!!

A good way to celebrate V day with hubby and kids....
and came home with a oil stain on my beautiful green dress ,,, love this dress,, bought this in the Philippines last December ,,

but poor dress.... hubby dropped a marinated eggplant on this cute lil dress!!!!!!!!

anyway,,, I look so plump here ,, I guess I need to find diets that work and I mean it!!!!!!

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My Lil Miss........ after dinner
My Fave boy!!!!!

Not funny!!!!

Got the shock of my life when I received my Iphone bill from Optus worth Au$ 576 !!!!!!!!!!!
The worst thing thing was hubby was the one who opened the bill and absolutely gobsmacked to see it...

From a 50 AUD a month to more than 500,,, well,, that is when we went overseas,, , first of all I did not have my mobile go on roaming I did not apply a roaming service, but for some reason it was on roaming the whole time we were overseas,,, What a Rip off...
There was a moment when we were at the hotel and I was trying to connect to wifi ,,but to no avail I just couldn't connect ,,, then when my daughter was playing with my phone ,, found out that she was able to connect!!! hmmm... never question about it,,, then, happy that she was connected ,,, I was playing with my Iphone and was on Facebook,,, yeah,, I spent time downloading and surfing ,, without me knowing that will cost me a FORTUNE!!!!!!!
And behold the Bill on my face that says!!!!! I'm so freaking silly!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well,, learned a big big lesson!!!! and there goes the money down the drain!!!!!!!!Its giving me stress and I'm quite worried I might have an acne breakouts !!!!!!! Sigh!!!!!!!..........

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Looking for sale

As we are almost at the end of the Summer season , new season clothes are out and the shops are getting busy taking Summer clothes out of the rack and putting it on SALE.. As I pass by and have a glimpse of the dresses that was on SALE ,, I've got the kids with me so I cannot go through the rack ,, I'll come back next time they have terry romper , maxi dresses, singlets and shorts all in one low price .....

Maxi dresses are Big here in Oz,, and they started with around 50 bucks ,, now it's just 10 -15 $ Im just wondrin if I should get some more ,, I dont know if the style would still be "in" next year ,, so I guess I'll just stick to the shorts and just the summer shirts .....
I also buy stuff when they are really really cheap and send it to my niece and nephew back in Pinas so Im just waiting for that really big SALE that drops the price down to 75% off...

So Im always on the look out for a good sale....

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Mommy Moments ( A message of Love )

mommy moments

Message of Love for Mommy Moments by Mom Chris this week......

Love ,,,, Love

Unfailing Love and undying commitment to my family...

There are many ways to express it ...

weather to enjoy it with FOOD....

Like this yummy desert .. ahhhh heaven and filling!!!!!!!! sharing it with my hubby and the kids ,, its all in

Or when I make a special treat for the kids Lunchbox for school... all the effort that I made just for them so that they can enjoy and appreciate it!!!!!!

How about some special yummy treats!!!!!!

Some would say Child Labour hahahah,, but nope its teaching them how to do chores at home!!!

How about going on an expensive holiday ,, enjoying the the nice accommodation

Receiving Special gifts!!!!!!!!

Went to see some exciting and beautiful places........

Brighton Le Sands Sydney
DayDream Island Qld

Walking at Bondi beach
Aquarium Visit
Port Stephen

Live in one of the most beautiful city.....

Received and gave lovely notes and beautiful bouquet of flowers.....

Done exciting things in life...................

But Most of all SPENDING time with my love ones is the BEST........

We might spend too much but all we ever wanted is to SPEND Best Quality Time with each other................. and there would be more outings coming.........

And I thank my dear Husband Joe for making it all possible,, YOU are a Loving , family- oriented man and we Love you Dearly!!!!!!!!!!

December 2009 HK Disneyland

Just how the song goes.....
Love is all that matters
Faithful and forever
Keepin' us together
Love is all we need.
Prisoner of illusion
Sentence is suspended
Loneliness is ended
Love has set me free.

ENJOY your DAY and make everyday a Valentines Day.....................

Go and visit Mom Chris for more loving............

Long Wait

Its along wait for us to start building our house , we put our application in November and until now we havent got the approval yet.... It is such a long wait!!!!

Today my hubby and I are talking about designs , we are discussing about the veranda and how can we save heaps of money ,,, we talked a bit about the kitchen,, garage and what kind of garage flooring garage flooring to put,, we even went out to a couple of showroom for bathroom accessories... ahhh,, too much stuff to do and for sure it will be a head ache ,, not in a style point of view but for the value of the things we like ,, my hubby and have basically the same taste on things so it will be easy to design ,, but our taste are for those expensive things!! so we have to work on a budget here and I mean really stretched it out...
But it would be exciting to start doing things,, and make sure to follow this blog and see the stages of building our dreams!!!!!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Mommy Moments ( Love Language)

mommy moments

This weeks months theme is all about LOVE from Mommy Moments ....

So this week is about LOVE Language

My hubby and I are so happy to see the kids showing affection and love ,, they are such loving kids and they get along with each other,, it is easy because you can feel the harmony , although I'm not saying that they don't have misunderstanding ,, they wold have sibling fights which is normal but they genuinely love each other..

Especially my boy who is not afraid to show his love even when out in public,, he's still our boy!!!!

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Need someone to give me direction

I know ,, its been announced Apple created an iPad...
Yup the buzz is about this great technology they say that

Wi-Fi models shipping in late March.
3G models shipping in April.

All of the built-in apps on iPad were designed from the ground up to take advantage of the large Multi-Touch screen. And they work in any orientation. So you can do things with these apps that you can’t do on any other device.

I watched the video of the iPad introduction and really want to see this once its hits the stores,, but for sure the line up would be long ......

Im an Apple user,, I've got an iPhone and hubby just bought the iPhone 3G S, we also have 3 iPods, my iMac which is named I named MaCoy and an iBook for my daughter, pretty have them all and I love them , but the iPad is a big version of iPod touch but much better,,,

hmmmm....dont want to dive in yet and start getting gaga over it because for sure next year they will develop a better one since that is how apple do it ,, cash you in and then they develop a better one,,

Anyway what I need at the moment is get a gps for my car since I dont have one and I am bad with directions, although my iPhone have a map app its hard because you have to look at it ,, I wanted a gps that talks ..... thats all I wanted for now hehehe.......


We had a good rain this week,, although it was raining ,, it was so humid this afternoon,,, we were sweating and feeling uncomfortable,,,
I was also thinking about the kids in school how they're coping with the Summer heat her in Oz ,, they should have a Minka Aire ceiling fan ,, but here at home I've got my airconditioner on all day ,, so when the kids got back from school they would cool down..

Well,, one thing that cools them down is a magnun Mini ice cream which they love so much,, Minty flavour is B1's favourite.

But me....I love summer fruits!!!!! I alwasy make it a point to serve fruits after dinner , not only it is healthy it is also refreshing ,,,

have you tried the yellow watermelon yet???

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Big Girl now

My Little Miss B2 started Kindergarten last Monday and she was so excited about it...
She woke up early and I helped her get ready , did her hair nice and she looks really cute wearing her school uniform...

Joe went to work late so he can see his daughter go to school for the 1st time,,,

So picture taking and all smiles for the camera!!!!!

When we arrived at school ,, Little Miss was beaming with smile ,, we even took her inside the classroom and after 10 minutes we went , she waved good bye and no tears at all!!!! that was a relieve for us ,an easy separation...

Now my friends are asking me, what am I gonna do now,,, I am child free from 9 am to 3 pm yipee... but I guess I cant just sit around e..... so I might study ,, since I graduated from Nursing I might as well do something ,, but I don't like to go and work as a nurse ,, I am looking at taking a medical  training courses
,, I think it wouldn't be too hectic or stressful so I might look into it..