Saturday, January 30, 2010

Pictures Update

Last Thursday we picked up Micah from the airport , she traveled alone when she wen to the Philippines and came back by herself again,,, she is only 15 and she can travel already... It s a good experience for her to travel alone,, she felt good and felt responsible, we know that she can do it but we always remind her of things to do and not to do ,, just a mental checklist in case of emergency..
Anyway ,, the house would be in chaotic stage again because she is back,, she is a bit hyper than the other two,, anyway,, she'll be at camp this coming Monday till Friday ,, so an extended holiday for us....

She also brought CDs of pictures that was taken there on our holiday using my sisters camera ,, so I will have tons of Holiday pictures and I needed to do something,, either to put them on a digital frame or make a photobook. But I reckon, it would be easy to put them on a digital frame ,, because making a photobook takes a lot of patience and time ..

Im sharing some of the pictures ...

Love this picture !!! The line was so long and it took us almost 1 hour to have this photo taken,, too bad we are not complete because Micah was with my niece and nephew at that time...

Friday, January 29, 2010

Gift time again

After the Christmas the season SALE was on to get rid of the holiday stock and the shops are getting ready for another season February is a Valentines day season and the shops are decorated with all the nice things ..
Yup ,, red is the colour of the month of Feb ,, there are allocated spaces for gifts for her and gifts for him ,, and that is such a good promotion,, just concentrate on the spot and you can find an array of interesting gifts there..

But for sure I will have a hard time finding the right gift for my hubby ,,, he is fussy . So this coming valentines day I think it will be just a simple one,, since his 40th birthday will be on June, I will have to come out with a meaningful gift ....

Right now,, i am having a headache on thinking of what to give him...... arrggg,,, anyway,, I hope I will soon find the right gift or idea so I can get it done early ,,,

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Paper clean up

I am slowly getting myself organized again,,, yeah,,, I've been slacked the last part of the year,, when we moved in to our new place ,, things were just stashed away ,,, and from then the pile of papers just got high,,,,, there was a pile to file,, hmm,, needed to clear my clutter to let the good chi come in ..
I went through the papers the other day and I always dreaded the fact that I have to sit on the floor and do the clean up for 2 hours,,,, but I have to or else it would be a tedious work if I let the TO FILE tray overflowing....

So as you can see,,, segregating the papers ,,, its easy when they have a place to go ,, but how about the miscellaneous papers ,, arrggggg,,,, needed to get a folder for that....
paid Bills from electricity, phone , net, medical records , confirmations records , life insurance quotes , junk mails, doctor's invoice and on and on and on.... never ending.....

But I was so glad that I was able to finish it ,, What a feeling seeing an empty tray!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A little chika about our HK holiday

I still haven't uploaded our Holiday pictures,, we've got heaps of them and some are still with my sister and she told me that she will just put them all in a CD,,so I'm still waiting for it..
Anyway, I have some pictures here that was taken at HOngKOng...
We arrived HongKong on December 20 till the 24th ,, so we had 4 days to do sight seeing, a bit of shopping and met up with my sisters , brother and my mum ..

We were originally gonna stay at Disney Hollywood hotel and we were suppose to get the Disney vacation packages ,, but we changed the accommodation since my family are staying in Tsim Sha Tsui I decided that it is better to be close with them so its easy to travel together and go wherever we like , we stayed at Holiday Inn Golden Mile , it was a convenient because close to the MTR station , the hotel was not too bad,, the room is cozy , the Buffet breakfast is good,, the downside was the location , where pros are hanging outside the hotel,, gangs and drug dealers too,, my hubby smokes outside and often get an offer from pros, dug dealer and even gay!!!! OMG!!!!!!!! Hubby was so shocked ,,, last time we were walking as a family he was approached and offered a pot, and heroin,,,,Hubby was so annoyed at them.... the dealers saw him with his family but still and hubby was holding on to our boy's hand ,,, what a nerve of those guys!!!!!
My hubby, being a Causcasian he stands out among the rest and they know that he is a tourist,,, so they always target him...... So the last days he just smoke in the toilet instead so he wont go out anymore...
Thank Goodness no troubles happened during our stay there...
So dont stay in the hotel people!!!!!! we didnt know because we just booked it through a travel agent ,, if we did it ourselves we could have seen a review on tripadvisor... only later that we find out a bout similar reviews about this place...

But in general ,, we had a great time in Hongkong it was our first visit there and we are amazed with their rail system which is very efficient ...

Shopping??? we didnt do much shopping we were busy going around places for sight seeing , but we did a little bit and I still find stuff that are expensive and some are just reduced a little bit,,, so Nope didnt enjoy the shopping there!!!!

All in all,, been there done that, we've seen the place and we might not go back there in the future , had FUN but that was it!!!!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Day out!!!

Ahhhh,, A decent Italian Pasta at Criniti my hubby's fave Italian Restaurant,, we love to go to Criniti at Parramatta but this time we opted to go toy Darling Harbour and try their restaurant there... we are longing for Pasta,,, since hubby is Italian and we didnt eat a proper Italian food when we were on holiday in Pinas,, yeahhh,, Jolllibbe Spag,,, no way for him... the spaghetti is too sweet,,, A visit to the city and a nice lunch will do for us a week after coming back ....

Its at Harbourside Mall upstairs ,, Nice decor ,, bigger than the one at Parramatta,, Nice water view,,,,

but oopppsss ewww.... a lipstick stain on my wine glass,,, take it away pls!!!!!!!!

The service person was accomodating and we are looked after, the kids meal came with our entree and it was really nice...

My meal is Spgahetti Calabrese small plate my Hubby ordered a Spag Bolognese large plate and whoooaaa,, it can feed a whole family
and a Nutella Pizza,,, If you love Nutella heaps of it ,, You will like this one!!!!!!!! .

.... We did not finish the meal and just asked the guy to place in a take away container,,, it was almost a 3 kilo pasta !!! Heavy for us to walk around ,, hahaha so left it in the car first ,,, then we walked around the darling Harbour ,, the weather was a bit gloomy,,, no sunshine... but a nice day to walk around , we went to the IMAX theatre to check the time for AVATAR 3D but it was fully booked even the 2 more sessions.... BUSY!!!!

So walked around and tried to burn those calories.......

With my fave boy!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Eat out

Well it will be a week after coming back from holiday ,, a week of eating junk and take away food for us,,,, Tonight we just had a pizza ans my hubby asked me when was the last time I cooked dinner for him....... ahhhhhhhhh,,, hmmmmmm... let me see,,, before we left on a holiday ,,, so around 5 weeks now!!!!!!!!!
Bad bad bad!!!!!!! Went out today at the shops,, watched a movie had MacDonalds for lunch ,, popcorn at the movies,, pizza for dinner!!!!! hey what did we eat yesterday hmmmmm,,, Lone star for lunch,, Chinese for dinner !!!!!!! What the!!!!!!! gezzz I have to get my act quickly or well end up FAT!!!!!! yup need to have foods that burn fat or else we will be unhealthy and unfit!!!!!

The problem is we are lacking an inspiration to loose weight , unlike before we went on a Holiday we were so determined to loose weight since we wanted to look good ,, but now,,, the urge is not there,,,, got to focus and start again,, because we need to have a discipline and needed an attainable goal to start burning those calories!!!!!!!! I must I must.....

Friday, January 22, 2010

Eat all u can

This photo was taken at Sofitel Philippine Plaza which have an amazing Dinner Buffet.. an arra of international food laid out for the people to salivate and pig out!!! Yeah eat all you can !!! Pig out and get your money's worth !!!!!
We had a dinner buffet for 2 nights,,, its not cheap but with the amount of food there ,, it would be worth it!!! Fill out your plate and enjoy and come back for more,, as long as you can hold it!!!!
Good thing kids under 6 are free,, so my kids who only enjoyed the sweets, Chocolate ice cream for B1 and lollies, donut for B2,, they are not interested with he rest of it,,, just the dessert ..

The trick was to get small amount of each meal ,, so you can taste everything ,, don't start with carbohydrate food like rice, bread or potatoes ... My hubby was having Asian dishes first,, Mediterranean next then Pinoy food then enormous array of dessert to choose from,,, gezzz we were stuffed ,, but we enjoyed it!!!!!!

Then early morning Breakfast Buffet which we indulged for 4 days!!!!!!!!! Imagine that!!!!!
No wonder I put on 4 kilos on 4 weeks,,, the weight I lost before I went on holiday ,, so here I am a chubby bum feeling frumpy and needed something ,,, maybe a natural weight loss pills ... I cant get my act yet to start my diet yet ,,, soon I'll get there!!!!!!

Feeling ill

5 days after coming back from our holiday ,, my boy Braiden is sick,, suffering from Asthma,,, Good thing he did not have an asthma attack when we were overseas.. fancy that with all the pollution in the Philippines,, he was ok with it,, bit when we came back here in Oz there he was wheezing and coughing,,,, must be the change of weather.... he is on Salbutamol at the moment every 4 hours ,, hopefully we would feel fine,, with the extreme heat that we are experiencing here in Oz,, the weather is too dry for him...

He used to suffer from eczema when he was a toddler, it was really bad,, itchy scaly pathes of dry skin which he endured during those times; we searched for the best eczema treatment but luckily he surpassed it,, I always hear people saying when he grow bigger he will no longer have eczema,, but now he's got asthma , they say it is co related too..... arggggg,, cant win...
So prevention and management are the best treatment
Hopefully the lil man will get better soon..... Don't want to hear the pesky wheezing at night time,,it breaks my heart.......

Back home

Back in Australian summer heat,, too hot to do things,, BTW,, I am not yet finished putting our clothes back in the closet!!! Too lazy!!!! In a holiday mode still!!!!!!and what a good excuse.. blame it on my holiday.....

Tomorrow would be a predicted 43 C heat ,, shi vaz....... wont be happy with that ....First we cant take the kids outdoors , at the beach,, it would be too scorching we will just fry there,,, don't want to go in an indoor pool,, it would be too crowded.... we might just leave early and go to the shops ,, walk around or just watch a movie,, stay there till 5 pm... that will do,, don't really want to go shopping,, Ive done shopping at the Philippines to the MAXXXX ...

Hmmm.... still hot today and enjoying my fave drink Midori ,, while there are bills to be paid,, papers to be sorted ,, mails to be read, need to call for dentist appointment; finding a best diet or read about colon cleanser reviews ,, yeah,, I will still blame my holiday mode!!!!!!!!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Eat all u can

During our holiday we stayed on almost 4 hotels ,, 1 in Sydney before we left ,, 2 in Makati and 1 in Manila; It is nice to stay in a hotel ,, with a crisp white linen,, Fluffy bath towels that they change everyday, nice bathrooms, cable TV and above all BUFFET food!!!!!!!!
Yeah the Buffet which we always get including in the package deal....
What my hubby and I enjoyed was the BUFFET breakfast at SHangrila Makati ,, oh my never seen that much food in my life.... laid out there ,, all the international food!!!! It was to die for!!!!!!
But when we were fattening ourselves,, my hubby and I was feeling guilty with all the food!!! We were also thinking of how over the top it was,, how about the poor people outside who have nothing to eat???? where do they bring the leftovers??? or how can we burn the calories off after the holiday??? with herbal diet pills , or join a boot camp exercise,, or just keep it on ........!!!!

Anyway,, its not an everyday scenario to see such a feast,, so I ate things that I think I will miss when I go back home.... yeah Pinoy Breakfast!!!!!! I can have bacon and eggs anytime here but not the Tapa, salted eggs , tocino . longganisa and all the delicacies ......
It was really filling and appetizing... and I will forever remember that buffet and extra pounds that Ive gained....


What I love doing when I was on holiday was to pamper myself... Yeah the things that I rarely do here I can do it in the Philippines on a cheaper price,,, Wayyy wayyy cheaper .. the service that you get there is different from here...
Having a Foot Spa is really a pampering treat for me,, I just had a foot Spa one month before I went on holiday,, but they are different from each other ,, here they just scrape the callouses ,, while there they really filed it and made my feet feel soft ,, like a baby's bum,, hehehe...

Went to a place where they do all the services that I would love to have it all done,,, a nice facial which even have a blackhead extractor , a relaxing massage, hand spa and threading ,, which my daughter and I endured,, never tried threading , but only waxing,, this time I opted for threading so I can see the difference,, ohhh my I was crying the whole process,,, whooaaa,, it was painful,,, hahaha,, anyway,, they did a good job with my eyebrows but.....

I must say in compare to the services here I reckon back there in Pinas is at par with international standard..... Very Affordable too......

Photo taken while Mic was having her eyebrows done

Just making sure

When we were at staying at my Mums place we were able to go online and check our mails since they have an internet cafe downstairs , while on holiday , our minds are focused on relaxing and having a good time leaving our troubles behind and since our business was closed during the entire holiday , my hubby , which; I noticed seemed to slipped away and once in a while talked about business,, we still have bills to be paid although I pre paid them before we left,, dont know what was happening during our holiday,, hubby switched his mobile off ,, and I was hesitant to check my online banking because I am not sure of how secured the computer and net services there in the Philippines ,, dont want to take the risk dont know if they have an identity theft protection ... So we just had a GOOD time and deal with the things when we come back.....

We are back in Oz and hubby is back to work,, Thank Goodness because everything is doing well,,, good thing I was able to organize things and it did came up real effective.... So a new year and we welcome it with a Positive note and hoping that business will be good all throughtout the year!!!!!! Cheers !!!!!


I just went out to the shops today ,, buying essential things for home and did grocery shopping, the shops is still full with parents with kids,, since it is still school holiday here,,some parents are still off from their jobs while looking after their kids,, unlike back in Pinas when there are people there o look after my kids,,, geezzz I miss being there,, I can leave the my children with my Mum or my sister,, they looked after them while my Hubby and I went on shopping,, and talking about shopping there,, my hubby is amazed with all the shop attendant there,, they are everywhere and are ready to assist, just when you enter a shop or mall,, they give you a wide smile and a greeting,, everywhere,, sometimes it is already too much,, we were greeted 10 times before we can even enter the shop!!!!!!!!

I am just wondring if I am just by myself will they do the same?????? Since my hubby is Caucasian they are very helpful ,,,always ready to assist always beaming a BIG SMILE!!!!!! Sometimes it feels like they are robots standing there greeting...... Hubby said there was even a person standing at the door ready to open the door and greet.....
Is it just a Pinoy hospitality ????
What do you think my kababayan.......????

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Ate too much

A month before we left for or holiday,, my hubby and I went into a diet,, eating healthy foods, no Soft drinks, no alcohol beverage!!!! I exercised regularly and was physically active,, sure enough after a month I lost 4 kilos!!! and my hubby who was looking trim and buffed ,, we have to do it knowing that we are going on a holiday and we anticipated that we will pig out on our holiday!!! Gezzz,, its a holiday and that is what it is all about... I've been away for a long time and seeing my family and friends was a Blast,,, of course its always nice to catch up with them while having something to eat...
We also stayed in hotels and most of them have BUFFET!!!!! OH my the amount of food that was laid out there for everyone was appetizing,, there is now way I can master self control ....!!!
Well,, had a GREAT time,, I ate most of the time and I was not surprised to see that I gained the 4 kilos back when I weighed myself before we left!!!! Hmmm, I m just thinking how many kms I have to run for it; treadmills and ab machines,,, here I come!!!!!!!!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Back Home and finding new things to do

Back in Oz and woke up really late this morning ,, our bodies are not yet adjusted,, ,, Joe woke up early dragging his tired body to work!!!! Poor hubby!!! but vacation time is over and he needs to go back to work so that we can afford another expensive trip!!!
Here I am ,, shaking my head ,, with all the things to tackle at home,, yesterday I was shocked to see rotten food in my fridge!!! yeah,, we left my brother in law to look after the house,, but he didn't toss out left over food,,, good thing Aunty Monique was here to lend me hand,, Than ks Monique!!! you're an Angel,, even brought me Milk, Bread, ham,, fruits!!!! very thoughtful!!!!

Now,, I need to unpack the luggage, wash our bed linen, dust the house and get things organized..
Next week a new school year will start lil Princess will start school soon so the house would be empty with kids in the morning ,, yeah!!!! more ME time?????

Pondering on what to do this year 2010, I am thinking of getting an online degree , I think that this would be a great way to learn for a mum like me ..
I looked at the site of Western Governors University

The tuition fee is affordable , since it is a non profit university and I wanted to have an educational goal and I reckon the University can help me attain it

Specifically Designed for Adult Learners
Western Governors University is specifically designed to help adult learners like you fit college into your already busy lives. Returning to college is a challenge. Yet, tens of thousands of working adults are doing it. There’s no reason you can’t be one of them.
As what is stated on their site
We believe in your ability to succeed, as well as our ability to help you succeed. We can make, with confidence, the following commitments to you:

Commitment 1: You’ll Learn What You Need to Succeed

Commitment 2: You’ll Enjoy Flexibility That Fits Your Busy Life
Commitment 3: You’ll be Given the Opportunity to Accelerate Your Program
Commitment 4: You’ll Receive Continuous Support
Commitment 5: Your Program Will be Affordable
Commitment 6: You’ll Benefit From Your Degree… and So Will Your Family
I think that these are great , giving me information and inspiration to pursue another phase in my life,, I have to research more and learn about online degree ,, but with what Western Governor University is offering it is so tempting so check it out if you are interested with the program....

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Back Home

Just got back home from our 1 month holiday ,, it was such a good holiday ,, after 9 years I was ableto go back to my homeland tagging my kids and hubby with me....
Its good to be back , back to the comforts of my home,,, missed the smell, the feel and everything,, went to check on my mails all piled up , bills, health insurance leads ,, school letters and junk mails,, all needed o be sorted out and acted upon ...
Need to upload a thousand photos and organize them!!!!!!!!

wheew.... thats the bad part,,, the feeling of being lazy,,, still on a holiday mode!!!!! LOW BAT!!!!
Dont want to move a muscle or tackle any household chores!!!!!!
Just laze around and click on my mouse!!!!! Night time here and will be off to be soon,, need to catch up on extra sleep........