Thursday, December 30, 2010

Too much stuff to do

It is a long school break for the kids ,, my Primary school kids have 6 weeks off while my High school girl have 8 weeks off, aside from going out with friends , she is also working 2 -3 times a week .. We are also almost finishing building the house and hopefully will be moving by the end of January ,,, but there are still heaps of stuff to do ,, overwhelming and making us feel lazy to do stuff.. I was looking at the kids room and checking out which are the things to be purged ,, although we already purged a lot of stuff before we move in here in the rental place ,, I still feel that I still need to do some more purging ,, like for example ,, do we really need to bring the sports trophies of my kids to the new house??? Before I almost forgot I still have the baby cot and changing table in the garage ,, which I told myself that I will put on Ebay ,, but never had a chance to do it.... I promise myself that I have to be inspired and start working and moving my butt so I can can accomplish things .... Yes starting the year 2011

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