Sunday, December 26, 2010

Opening of gifts

It was a really hot day here in Oz on Christmas day ,,,  Christmas morning , the kids woke up early , really early!  they went to our room and woke up too ,, really excited and nagging us to go down and check out the gifts that Santa left for them....
We have to get out of bed and dash downstairs to check it out ,, True enough !!! Santa passed by !!
Yippee as the kids gleamed with excitement ...  Ok Santa's gifts first and my boy was wo happy and the expression on his face was priceless as he opened the gift , there was his sought after Buzz Lightyear from The Toy Story 3 movie ,, yes ,, Santa checked his letter and the elves did a great job ,,,  my lil princess on the other hand received a dress up trunk , then time to unwrap the gifts from Mummy and Daddy ,, boy had a toy hunting binoculars  which he loved ,,,  Thomas the Tank Mystic Island rescue and some bits and pieces of small toys ,, girl received a Fur real play set and a Bratz doll ..  yes its been such a good Christmas ,, kids are spoilt and had a great fun,,,  so what's in for next year?????

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