Monday, December 20, 2010

No need to worry yet

Yeahh,, its the time of the year again .... Festive season means a lot of parties, get together and merry making,, and it wouldn't be complete without drinking and eating ..
I was 5 kilos lighter last year because we were going on a holiday ,and I went into healthy diet before the said holiday so that I would look good ,, yeah but now ,, I feel frumpy and I really needed to loose that extra 5 kilos,,, but hey its holiday ,, I guess I shouldn't worry about it for awhile,, don't think about cleanse colon ,, lemon detox, diet pills , Zumba, gym, booth camp , power walking ,, wheeww,, just typing these words makes me feel exhausted already ...
They say enjoy and be merry ,, Tis the season to be happy ,,, well blow up the diet and go pig out ,, worry about it later ... I just couldn't be bothered yet ,, so just Enjoy it and have Fun everyone...

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