Sunday, December 26, 2010

Late shopping

On the eve of Christmas I went to the shops around 3 pm ,, yes I consciously went to the shops that time to avoid the traffic,, hard to park , Oz heat , rushing and frantic people ,, and that is the best way to shop when most of the people are exhausted and on the way home.. There is also heaps of SALE the last minute sale when most of the retailers put their items futher down ..
I still have to get something or my hubby's grandparents,, browsing through the chocolate items, Organic Food Gift Baskets ,, wine section and plants ,, choices choices ,, lots of them and all wrapped up ... But I ended up getting them a box of nice chocos..
With kidsin the trolley I walked briskly and went to the grocery to buy some ingredients for our cookies for Santa , done shopping in a flash and I was glad that I went there at that time of the day ...Merry Christmas everyone!

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