Thursday, December 2, 2010

Is this how it should be?

Ahhh ,, been very slacked the past few months ,,, turned 40 last week and here I am feeling sluggish ,,, is that how 40 year old should feel ???? I over indulged with food last week .. I mean over!!!! Maybe thats why ,, I need to detox .... I've got heaps of unwanted fats in me!!! any takers??? I also developed acne ,,, arrggg ,, its not fair!!! I should be having a flawless skin .. well I guess that is what happens when I just let go of myself ,, Ok first thing first ,, need to get rid of the acne , I might try md clear , second I need to loose some weight ,, really ??? 3rd I have to get on the groove and be more positive in life !! ahhh serenity now.... I just needed that ....

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