Saturday, November 6, 2010

No Big holiday this year

Ahhh I remember last year when I was getting all giddy and excited about our trip to HK Disneyland and then travel to Philippines to visit my family ..
Its November now and I still have the feeling of going for a holiday again ,, since our visit from last year and seeing how my kids are so well behaved and loving going on travel ,, my hubby and I will surely plan our next vacation and will look into a Disney vacation packages ... We wanted to go to USA in few years time ,,, we love the experience of being on an overseas holiday ,, so we really have to save for it and with all the expenses we are doing this year for building our house ,, this coming Christmas Holiday , we might just go stay around our state ,, no big holidays this 2010 , But we will surely look forward to a BIG holiday next time.....

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