Wednesday, November 10, 2010

New Thomas

This is my boy's favourite new DVD at the moment ...

Thomas and Friends ; Misty Island Rescue
He's been watching this movie almost everyday,, Its driving me nuts!!!! Not only that he asks for the new trains BASH and DASH ,, I already bought him FERDINAND and The CAPTAIN ,, but he is also asking for the Playset The Rescue from Misty Island... I told him he should write to Santa and if he is good ,, he might get it ;)

Check out he movie on DVD and also available on blu ray

Thomas & Friends: Misty Island Rescue
Rated G - Animation
A new Search and Rescue Center is being built on the Island of Sodor.

Super strong Jobi wood, from Hiro's homeland, is being used to make the Center. Diesel is carrying the Jobi wood when disaster strikes. Thomas has to rescue Diesel from falling off a cliff and all of the Jobi wood crashes into the sea. As a reward for his daring rescue, Thomas gets to visit the mainland - his first trip off of the Island of Sodor. When the raft carrying Thomas becomes separated from its tugboat, he ends up stranded and alone and on the mysterious Misty Island. Thomas soon meets Misty Island's resident engines - three funny logging locos called Bash, Dash and Ferdinand. Thomas also finds that Misty Island has plentiful supplies of the rare Jobi wood! With the help of his new friends, Thomas attempts to find his way back to Sodor and uncovers more of Misty Island's mysteries!
28 Aug 2010 - 28 Oct 2010
In cinemas from August 28
Running time 60 minutes

Event Info:
Starring Thomas the Tank Engine, Diesel, Hiro and Bash

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  1. wow! thanks to this son loves Thomas so much too...:-)