Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Need to get some things

I've been out the past few days looking for SALE,, yeah,,, I'm in the mood for shopping for accessories for the new house,,, I'm getting excited because our house is almost finished and I really wanted to move in by Christmas .

Ok ,,, so the hunt for a perfect dining table is on ... Hubby and I went to Harvey Norman the other day and was browsing around ,, but I guess nothing there caught my eye.. So today I went to Target because they are having a houseware sale ,, picked up some items,, towels ,,, I went and checked the prices on a barcode scanner and hmm,, I likey ...... 40 % off.... so chuck it in the trolley ,,,, went to the cushions and there saw some nice patterns ... so in the trolley.... went to the toys ,, saw the Thomas the Tank and friends Misty Island rescue playset ,, yup ,,,, SANTA's gift for my little boy ....... straight to the lay by section and good the queue is short ... ahhhhh... done with my retail therapy for the day.......

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