Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Can I celebrate it in a simple way???

Tomorrow is December 1 and boy it was so quick ...Here in Oz its gonna be the 1st day of Summer .... Big Horray for Summer !!!! It is getting busy at the shops ,,, parking is so hard to find , people are lining up at the counter ,,, Christmas decor , hampers and all things associated with Christmas are all over .... Toy sale is on and there are new toys that juts released and my boy is nagging me about a certain toy,,, I think I need some payday advances so I can go out and shop till I drop ... Although this year , I wanted to celebrate the Holiday season in a quiet way ,,, hmmm,, wondrin if there is such a thing as quiet way ..... anyway ,,, I just want it to be simple and sweet ....

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  1. You have same thoughts of celebrating Christmas with my beloved wife. She wants to have a peaceful but full of happiness Christmas celebration. Of course, I like that idea and adding up the lighting of fireworks to the celebration makes the day more colorful. orlando hotel