Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Need a night out

My hubby and I love to go on a date , but since we have small kids ,, we really have to organise it properly and make sure that my hubby's Auntie is available during that time... My hubby's parents passed away already and my mom is in the Philippines so its hard for us to go on a date by ourselves ,, it needs a lot of early notification..
We are very fussy with leaving our kids to anyone.. We are not comfortable leaving the kids to a nanny or babysitter ,, we 're just too paranoid,, we might even set up a nanny cam , if we do leave the kids to someone that is not related to us .. But I know that everyone has the same apprehension,, we cannot just trust people to look after our precious ones . With the looming in or area we also need to be extra careful and protect not only my kids but also our properties,, that is why we have a Home security system installed .
Anyway, our next night out will be in February 2011 to watch Michael Buble's concert in Sydney ,, we are such a fan and we saw his concert 3 years ago and we just want to see his Crazy Love concert ,, heard about good reviews about it ,, so yeah that would be our Valentines day date . Booked that ticket 5 months ago ,,, I mean that would be 9 months in advance !!!!
I always say to my friend who always go on a ate every Friday with hubby because they can simply drop off their kids to her in laws,,that they are lucky to have someone to look after their kids and for them to enjoy their night out ...
How about you ??? Do you go out often????

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