Saturday, October 16, 2010

I want him to stop

I hate and I really do !!!!!

Everyday as my hubby lit up a cigarette I just cringe seeing him puff those nasty sticks...
He was able to quit when we got married ,, but after 5 years of quitting , his mum was sick and passed away and that made him took up smoking again ,,, hayyyy....
I always remind him of the bad effects of smoking and telling him to think of the kids ,, but his will power is not strong enough to quit .. I even saw an ads about a methol flavor electronic cigarette cheap and I guess I don't want him to try that one either , I just want him to STOP!!!!!

Here in Oz there are heaps of ads about quiting smoking , they even have a warning sign on the packet and some nasty pics of thing that will happen when you smoke..
OK this is so off putting for me but this is how the ads go....

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