Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Warm Spring

Ahh this is what I call a gorgeous day ..... Spring with a temperature of 22C ahhhh nice and warm,, I can wear shirts already and feeling the hot already ,, so for sure it is going to be a scorching summer this year...

I reckon beach bums are out already and soaking the heat at the beaches around Oz ,, those buff men and women who are ready to display their physique are itching to go out,,, hmm could they be taking hgh cream ?? anyway, all I can say is good on them,, if they have have it flaunt it!!!! I know I can never be too courageous to show off my body ,, I guess I have too much hang ups with it ,, trying my best to be fit and struggling to eat well.
Anyway ,, I will surely love summer .. I always love summer !!! Sun, Fun, BBQ, Christmas ,Holiday ... Best time of the year for us here in Oz...

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