Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Stressed out

My eldest daughter is on a High School Musical on stage and playing the role of Gabriella in our local district of MacArthur , the opening night is on Friday and nerves are getting high,,, they all been working hard for almost 5 months now and I juts hope that everything will turn up well..

My daughter attends the rehearsal 2 times a week from 7-10 pm and her immune system is getting low,, with lack of sleep ,, school , work she is having a flue like symptoms,, even the best vitamin c serum wont help , she is all stressed out and with the show commencing soon ,, she s feeling all the pressure , shes got 10 shows all up and too much on hr shoulders...
I just hope that she can cope up with it and will never crumble with all the circumstances...

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