Thursday, September 30, 2010

The show started

Last week was the opening night for the High School Musical on stage here in our area where my eldest daughter is playing the lead role of Gabriella, it was a nerve wrecking night knowing that it is her first time to join a stage musicale ,, the event was jam packed and the anticipation, stress and excitement were felt during that night ,, We were all relieved to see her go through here lines and songs with ease .
It was a successful night and I am proud of my chookies girl!!!!!!

It was a long process from the audition through the rehearsal ,, 2 times a week for 5 months from 7pm to 10 pm,,, and with all the effort and the hard work , it has paved off.. all the late nights and stress my daughter suffered from acne ,, and we had to act fast and found a solution,, went through all the best acne treatments and found the best one to control her break outs ,, don't want her to be acne faced while shes doing the show..

Anyway,, my hubby and I decided not to watch any of her rehearsals ,, we just want surprises during the show and boy we were surprised with my girl ,, knowing that she have no formal singing training,, we know that she is a dancer and an actress but not a singer ,, so it good to know that she can do them all ...

So she still have 3 more shows to go and then the hard work is done ....

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