Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I want to move out

ahhhh its more than 16 months that we are renting this house,,, we are building our house and it is such a slow process..
Cant wait to move out of this place,,,, the rent is too high but the place is too small for the family of 5,,, kids are getting bored,, they need a big backyard to run around and play most of the time .. all they ave to do is play Plasystation or watch in our big Samsung tv ,, they needed something to do ,, now that its is Springtime ,, its the best time to be out side and play, kick ball or just stay outside,, too much technology inside and they needed to release their energies ..
Anyway,, I am hoping that the carpenters will be there to finish the frame for the house within this week,, It was raining the last week that 's why the building halted...
I'm hoping for a nice weather this week!!!!


  1. I believe in letting the kids run around! That's why as much as I can, I don't let them play computer games or watch TV. I just let them play outside or engage in arts and crafts. I hope your house will be built asap! :)

  2. Me too ate Joy. Our place is getting small narin for our Julia.