Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Getting busy with nails

I am into nail art at moment,, I started 6 months ago with just 2 nail polishes ,, but as my obsession grew, I started to add few more and then I think I lost count of all my nail polishes, I love doing it and as I practice some intricate designs ,, my hubby said that I can do business with that ,, and a light bulb moment came out ,, I am still in the process of researching and practicing it before I start a small business ,, so no details about it yet .. aside from that small business I was also thought about finding jobs in health care , all I need is to go back to school lean and train , but it 's hard to find something that will be suitable for me,, I still have to look after my kids and if I can find a time that will be around school time ,, it would be really good ,, but for now ,, I have to concentrate on looking after the kids and my hubby,, so I guess going back to the work force is not yet a priority ,, work at home is the best option for me at the moment ..

Well,, just want to share some nail stuff that I've done so far ...

Note: I am not a professional nail artist nor I did not study nail art just from going to other nail artist's blog sites and channel ; where I got my inspirations and ideas...

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