Monday, September 20, 2010

Dressing up

September is moving fast and I am already seeing some spooky stuff displayed at the shops,,, Yess,, Halloween is fast approaching , my kids love to dress up during this event above all they are so excited to go on trick or treating and getting all the lollies and stuff ,, seeing their faces light up as they receive the treats are worth seeing ...
Well this year we are going to our old neighbourhood and walk around the are and do trick or treating .
I was looking at these adorable costumes for kids and I really like these cute outfits for toddlers ahhh they are so cute .. just wannna share it with you guys and for sure you will also fall in love with them..

Ahh but for sure my lil kiddos will love these characters as their halloween costumes ,, not spooky but the usual Disney Princess for my lil possum and Iron Man for my lil man

I was browsing at some adult costumes too and I 've seen some funny and weird halloween costumes ,,, just don't know if I 'll be brave enough to wear them ,, I would just be a chaperon for the kids and for sure I'm the one who is going to hold all the pumpkin bags for them .. Yupp,, it will be a good fun but I will surely hide some of the candies and sweets because they will just eat them in one go ,, so have to save some for later ,,, ahhh is it me getting excited here ????

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