Thursday, September 23, 2010

Bad day

It s been 5 months now since my hubby's car is in the mechanic shop to be fixed,, hubby's car is such a head ache.. Hubby is so angry about this car that whenever I mention his car he would have a head ache... So from time to time I have to drop off hubby to work , and one unfortunate morning ,, hubby was driving my car and wasn't aware that it was a school zone ,,, went past the school and lo and behold a policeman,an with using those stuff radar detectors , then stopped us,, hubby was surprised and even ask "ME???""" yes you !!!! the police blurted out .. and I told hubby that it is a school area ,, that why ........

A wopping 270 dollar fine and a demrit point for hubby ,, what a day it was.!!!!

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