Monday, August 16, 2010

Too much chatting

As I mentioned before that my eldest daughter who just turned 16 is playing as Garbriella in Highschool Musical here in our local theatre group. She had been busy rehearsing 2 times a week,, studying , and also works 2 times week,, plus home works,, FACE BOOK, guitar , dancing , friends and most of all constant chatting on phone with her friends,, sometimes it getting too much!!! since we have a cordless phone,, she always bring it in her room,, and mind yo ,, we have 3 cordless phones and all of them are in her room!!! ,, she always get into trouble by bringing them all in here room and just leave there without putting back into its own base to charge!! I need to read some cordless phone reviews because my phone needed to be upgraded.
Sometimes, hubby would say its better if we have the old handset phone so that she cannot bring them in er room,, and she can stay there on the phone for long hours ,,, ahh,, the pain of having a teenager ...that is only the phone ,, but how about computer and facebook???? this would be a whinging blog.... errrr... I need patience,, serenity now!!!

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