Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Still a long way to finish

I know that we are still far away from finishing our new house ,, but I am so excited already..
Th other day my hubby and I went to the shops to look around for a really nice oven.... There are really nice stuff around the shops and we are still in the process of looking around and getting some prices for comparison .
Aside from that I went pass in a bed linen section and my oh my I am loving these matouk bed linens ,, they are so inviting and really classy ,,

so I really have to consider on buying a really nice linen... Then the bathroom section and with all the tapware and vanities taht are on special at the moment ,, I cant help but choose the expensive one... I guess I have an expensive taste especially with the home wares. So, the only thing that I can do at the moment is to list down the thigs tahat I like and the prices next to it and then we can work on our budget ...

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