Saturday, August 7, 2010

Sick hubby

Its been such a hectic for us.. I was doing an errands fr hubby all throughout this week..WE are in the process of building our house and being an owner builder, it is so much stressful ,, more to my hubby because he is the one organizing everything , organizing tradesmen is the hardest part, some are not reliable and wasting too much of our precious time... The time is ticking and we need to put a roof in the house, oopppss we don't have a frame yet .... so it is still a long way ..
This is giving my hubby so much stress, he had a flu last week and this time he is suffering from a severe tooth ache ,, I mean really bad,, he has not eaten solid meal for almost two days ,, its his wisdom tooth that is making his life miserable at the moment .. With the money that is eating up medical expenses,, I should have taken Blue Cross NC plans ,, we don't have medical plan and every time we go to the doctor or dentist , its too much of an expense,, anyway,, I have to look through it and decide about it...
Weekend and still hubby is still working at the site,, poor hubby,, I helped him the last two days but there are tons of stuff to do ... Its gonna be a slow process and more headaches to come!!!!

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