Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Online shopping

I went to the shops this morning,,, gezzz,, itsbeen along time since I went out shopping,, not grocery but mall shopping ,, the reason why is that I am into online shopping ,,, I like doing online shopping because I can browse around and find things that I needed.. Very convenient since I am in the comfort of my own home ,, sipping coffee and eating cookies while doing my shopping,,, How good is that .
I also found a site that offers a good online coupon on , not only that; I also went to the site and found about what they call Ebill, since I am very particular about interenet safety , I wanted to deal in a safe and secure transaction...
Finding an online shop that wont ask for :

social security number
bank account number
credit card number
debit card number
date of birth

is really good,, because it will avoid Hackers to steal my identity... I can just pay it through my bank,, my own net banking or over walk in locations....
I think this is the go for safe online shopping .... I hope that most of the shopping will be like this one ...

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