Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Ahh,, the weather here in Oz is terrible the last few days,,, Cold wind and raining ,, not a good weather for building a house... Yeah,, we are slowly building our dream house and with the weather like this ,, it is just difficult to do the job... The frame was supposed to be up today but with the constant rain it was postponed till next Thursday , and the time is ticking and the expenses is too much to bear..
My hubby is all stressed put,, he is always at the job site ,, where he should also should in his work ,, there are plenty of job to do and finalising some cad drawings
too for woodworking in his work,, good thing ,, we own the business, or else he should have been fired by now...
Anyway,, we are hoping that the weather will ease a little bit and will give us SUNSHINE!!!!

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