Thursday, July 8, 2010

School Holiday

Its school holiday here in Oz again eldest daughter have 3 weeks off and the 2 young kiddos have 2 weeks off..
Started the week for them by taking them to watch a movie Marmaduke , it was a good movie and the kids were entertained .
Then, took the kids to watch a show at our local shops ,, a Super hero show which made my boy very excited ,, IronMan, Spiderman and Hulk were there and boy oh boy ,, my B1 was so delighted to see them,, he is such a Fan !!!!

I've been taking the kids to the shop almost everyday , and I try to avoid it today because we only end up buying take away food,, well no other than McDonalds and KFC,,, ahhhh and that broke my healthy diet ,,, I also missed my Zumba this week , since I have the kids with me,, But I'm not thinking of natural weight loss pills ,, but I am thinking of hopping on my Wii Fit again .. Needed a bit of exercise ,, I know its good idea to bring the kids to the park but the weather is cold and miserable with occasional rain so needed to do something indoors..

Anyway, I like spending time with the kids even when were just at home chillin out .... They are lovely kids and easy to be with ....

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