Sunday, July 11, 2010

Face routine

As the years pass and I'm getting older it was then that I'm getting extra careful with myself,, the years of neglect on my face had a big toll on my face,,, with the extreme heat here in Oz ,, my face is almost covered with dark spots or freckles , my skin is very sensitive and if I could only turn back the clock I would be very vigilant with sun protection, although I have freckles I am delighted that there are only few lines on my face... ahhh but I guess it wont be long before the dreaded crows feet, laugh line and wrinkles will creep on my face ,, I know there are good wrinkle creams on the market , but I am extra careful with it after having suffered a bad reaction to a certain wrinkle cream,, I develop hives and a nasty allergic reaction .
I am using a certain brand that I trusted for so many years and I guess Ill have to stick with it for a very longtime , since I find it effective and I have no adverse reaction to it .

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