Saturday, July 3, 2010

Do nothing

It's been cold the past few days in our place,, we had a -3 C the other day,, woke up, peeked outside and saw a blanket of frost, my kids were excited and shouting "snow snow" but it was just frost but looks like a snowy field...

Its been cold the whole day and what a best time to just laze around in my pyjamas , snuggle up and watch tv all day and do nothing!!! yeah,, that would be ideal on a cold day , no worries about housework, exercise , best diet pills , gym, zumba, walking ,, just do absolutely nothing ,, but hey ,, have to move on,, pick the kids up ,, drive them around for their t of school activities,, so I guess ,, I'll just dream of lazing around because I cant just sit around ... Maybe next time.....

1 comment:

  1. hi Joy!
    sorry it took me awhile to reply to your message.

    i'm not the one you saw in Sydney on 12 July. i wasn't there :( sayang! when you visit Sydney and see me, say hello so we can chicka hehe :)

    ahhh it's so cold this year no? if only i can hibernate for two months, i'd do so but obviously i can't.

    have a great week ahead!