Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Sorry for the lack of updates ,,, just been busy for the last few weeks... Organized hubby's surprise 40th birthday party and I was so paranoid prior to the occasion , I don't want to spoil the surprise that is why I was too pre occupied with things and it paved off ,, it was a huge success and i was so happy to see my hubby enjoying his birthday.
Now that the celebration is finished , I would like to focus n the coming school holiday next week,, yeah its the time of the year , when my kids stay at home and I am going to be busy making my kids holiday enjoyable and fun for all of us...

My lil missy is starting to read now,, so a big tick to the list ,, GO to the Library , I was also looking at the neighbourhood where people sell used books at a very low price, I think its good to look around and get books for her..
My boy who is onto PlayStation games would be happy to know that there is a huge sale coming and he would surely ask for an Iron Man games .
My eldest daughter will be working this school holiday so that would be fine,, but for sure I would be busy dropping and picking her up ...

So I have to start searching for indoor or outdoor activities that are available around my area,, don't want the kids to just stay at home and sit around and whinge....

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