Thursday, June 3, 2010

Mommy Moments ( Unforgettable Summer)

mommy moments

Mommy Moments theme for this week is about Unforgettable Summer..

Ok,, since the start of Summer for us here in Australia is on December .. I must say that our unforgettable summer would be our family trip to HK and the Philippines...

After being away for nine years ,, I was able to go back to the Philippines with my hubby and kids ..
1st stop would be the HK Disney trip which we all enjoyed ... Although I must stress that it is Summer for us but winter on that side of the globe... since we did not go to our usual SUMMER vacation here in Oz ,, we were able o spend t in a different country ...

Next would be our stay in the Philippines,, we all had a blast spending our Christmas and New year with my relatives ,, it was good to get in touch with old pals and friends .. It was such a lay back Summer for us,, with relatives ready to lend a hand and look after our kids , which is very rare here in Oz.. so hubby and I enjoyed shopping and night out...

So having a good time , being with family and friends are the most enjoyable 2009 Summer for us !!!!

and now our season is WINTER ,, we are all feeling cold and missing the summers heat,,,

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  1. Nice summer mommy joy! =)

    I love to go to HK disneyland or US someday with my kids.

    Have a nice weekend! =)

  2. Spending time with family and friends is indeed a great way to spend your summer, truly unforgettable! We'd love to visit HK Disneyland, too, someday!

  3. yeah, spending time with family is the best vacation ever

  4. HK Disneyland is a much awaited adventure of my son..were still on the saving stage..:-)

    and btw, if you have time feel free to comment on my entry for Sunsilk here's the link
    I've got until today to gather support..thanks!

  5. you really had a great summer

  6. Hmmm i hope one day we can go to the Disney land. Happy MM!

    Mine is here

  7. Because fo your post, I suddenly miss our summer in the Phils back in 2007. :)

  8. I tend to forget that we live on opposite sides of the world...Your photo shows fun summer times with the family indeed!


  9. great memories.. thanks for sharing them with us!

  10. hmmm... seems like really unforgettable. thanks for sharing!