Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Getting older

On the 12th of of June , its my hubby's 40th birthday!!!!!!

Oh,,, big four O and still good!!! wink> wink>>

I know its just a number, that is what people say but hitting that milestone is also a wake up call to start relaxing or the other way around start moving....
He is not as fit as he is unlike the old days where he used to go on the gym or do kung fu but he is such a busy man ,, managing a business and building a house,, with all the pressure that he is feeling at the moment , I know how hard it is to be fit, eat healthy and do exercise.. I was came across a force factor reviews and I don't think he needed to take anything yet ...
But he was planning to go back to the gym but with a hectic schedules,, that plan was put on hold .

Well.. one thing that I wanted and keep on bugging him about is his smoking..... I keep on reminding him everyday about the health risk and all those nasty stuff ,,, but he is not yet ready to give up,,, but I guess I wont give up reminding him....

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