Thursday, June 3, 2010

Allergic reaction

A week ago I tried an anti wrinkle cream called ROC which I got as a sample pack from the Easter show showbag...
I've seen this product from the shops before and I was curious to try it out ..ut to my horror , this is what I've got !!!!! A nasty Allergic reaction !!!!!!

Warning :: This is what will happen if you have an allergic reaction to a certain product ...
So be wary when testing out anti wrinkle creams or lotion..

I dont have wrinkles but I have a scaly itchy skin!!!!!!!!!
Went to the doctor and i was given a cream and Zrytec tablet for it,,
Its been 4 days now and although it is not as bad as it looks like it is still itchy and red ...
Ahhh I hate tis product and would not recomend it to those who have sensitive skin!!!!!
I am now getting paranoid with other stuff even an adult acne treatments have to be cautious now since I know that I can get an allergic reaction to certain chemical .....


  1. aww, tha looks bad! and itchy! now you know not to try anything on your sensitive skin :-)

  2. aw! thats scary! that is why i have phobias in trying new things especially when its free...hope you get well soon =)