Thursday, May 27, 2010

Still here

Sorry for being away for awhile,,, My boy was sick,, since its getting cold here in Oz and winter will be here soon,, the weather is getting colder,, to top it all , its been raining non stop this whole week.. and my boy had a nasty cough and all chesty and clogged up but it triggered his asthma ,, so it was worse the other day when the school rung up so I can pick him up,, he was struggling to breathe and wheezing really hard I thought I would need an evergo oxygen concentrator for that.... So I gave him his puffer and started his Prednisone ,, gezzz I hate it when kids are sick!!!!
Round the clock monitoring for his temperature and breathing,, it was a relief when after the 2nd day he was feeling OK .. Today I he went back to school and I just coordinated with his teachers on what to do , and told them to call me for emergency ,, Hopefully I wont get a phone call...
But unfortunately ,, the school rung up this morning ,, so I can pick up my lil Missy because she is having a stomach ache... So I dashed to school and picked her up...... Now its a rainy , gloomy day and nursing a sick girl..... Not happy!!!!!!

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