Wednesday, May 12, 2010

No more.....

Now that the kids are growing fast and days are passing quick ,, I cant help but be thankful because the kids are so easy to manage,, my hubby and I were so glad that they are well behaved kid,, even when we go out ,, we are very relaxed knowing that everything is going to be alright.. we can take the kids anywhere !! Overseas travel,, long hours of driving, shopping, dining in a fine restaurant,, concert .....anywhere.....

I think they know that they are expected to behave and there would be consequences when they misbehave..
Ive got 15 year old girl, My boy is now 7 years old and lil miss is now 5..
But when they were toddlers it was a different story ,, but now ,, I am lucky to have good kids as I say.... and for us ,, no more babies,,, just don't wanna start all over again ,, going through pregnancy is hard ,,morning sickness, swelling , discomfort, doctors appointment , making sure a good diet and prenatal vitamins and all sort of stuff,,, then the labour and taking care of the newborn,, sleepless nights and breast feeding.....

Arrggggg,, my life is easy right now and I don't want to complicate it again ... I'm happy with the children and they are such a blessing and that's it folks!!!!!

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